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Garuda Linux is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system Garuda Linux offers US many GUI tools for managing system settings and Garuda Linux is completely free Garuda Linux Offer 8 Desktop environment you can read here more about Garuda Linux.

Garuda Linux Desktop Environment

  • Garuda KDE Plasma
  • Garuda Linux Gnome
  • Garuda Linux Cinnamon
  • Garuda Linux XFCE
  • Garuda Linux Wayfire
  • Garuda Linux LXQT-Kwin
  • Garuda Linux Deepin
  • Garuda Linux i3WM

We Already Download Garuda Linux KDE Plasma Environment If you already Download Garuda Linux you can follow our Step for installing Garuda Linux us!

Let’s Boot Garuda Linux with Bootable USB Drive and Enter you Boot key then choose your USB Drive After Boot Garuda Linux We saw like this Welcome To Garuda Choose the Boot Option ( Boot: Garuda.X86_64 KDE )

After entering the Boot button it takes a few minutes please wait until the login screen. And login with Garuda User and password is Garuda.

Now we enter the Garuda Linux and again we saw Welcome Message for installing click the Garuda Install Button.

Garuda Linux Installer is started it asks you your preferred language to choose your Language and click the next button.

Select you Region and Zone and hit the Next button.

Select your keyboard layout and keyboard language and again click the Next button.

Select your storage Device and choose Manual Partitioning Option and move the Next step.

If you want a dual boot with windows and other operating systems you see here your old partition Table But We choose the Single Boot option for dual-booting a few steps are different.

Dual Boot With Garuda Linux

For Dual boot With Garuda Linux choose carefully your empty Partition and follow the Step. you can skip this step for Dual Boot.

First we format our hard-drive with MBR ( Master Boot Record ).

Boot Partition For Garuda Linux

Creating Boot Partition minimum space requirement is 100 MB for Single Boot Record if you’re dual-booting your system chooses 500 MB minimum Space. and choose file system type ext4 and click the ok button.

Swap Partition for Garuda Linux

Swap space in Linux is used when the amount of physical memory (RAM) is full. If the system needs more memory resources and the RAM is full, inactive pages in memory are moved to the swap space. please choose your swap Partition according to you requirement there.

and Final Partition for Garuda Linux Installation file choose the btrfs File system format and Mount Point is / directory.

Now our Partition Table is Successfully Created please double-check the partition table before clicking the Next Step After you click the Next button this action can’t undo.

Enter your Information all fields are mandatory for password creating there are two options if you want the same password your normal user and administrator user choose the second checkbox we’re using different passwords for those users.

Again check your Partition Table and click the Install button and you saw a popup window again click the Install now button.

Our Installing process is started it takes 15-25 minutes for installing all packages it depends on your PC resources.

After Finished the Garuda Linux installer Please restart your computer and remove your bootable USB drive If you’re installing on Virtual Box and another Virtual Environment remove you ISO CD.

Our PC is Power UP successfully choose you the user and enter your password and you Garuda Linux has installed successfully in your System.

By Rahul Gehlaut

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