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DNS Lookup Tool

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DNS Lookup Tool

The DNS ( Domain Name System ) is indisputably one of the most important parts of the internet. DNS is used to translate an actual name into these IP address numbers. Each device connected to the Internet has a unique IP address that other machines use to find the device.

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What are DNS Servers?

DNS means Domain Name System. It has two names and you can also call it Domain Name Server or you can also call it Domain Name Service.

All the devices that you are using that are connected to the internet, all those devices together form an internet network, inside which you can access anything where you have permission to go, you can do anything in the world from your home.

You can access it while sitting because your device comes in the area of ​​this internet network. All the computers are connected to one computer through another computer or one mobile device to another mobile device through IP.

An IP is an Internet address that you get after connecting to the Internet. This Internet address is always changed. An IP address is a logical address that is in the form of numbers.

And among all these, DNS comes into use. If you open any website on your computer or laptop, then DNA service is done to connect to it. It lets you find the IP address of the opened website so that you can easily view the website.

Every company uses DNS servers to make its products available to you. Every company has its own DNA DNA server so that you can stay connected to them.

Why was the DNS Servers made?

DNA servers were created so that we could visit the websites easily and we did not have to remember any IP address of any kind.

Whenever we have to call any person, we search him by his name and not from his mobile number because to remember the mobile numbers are so much difficult, why can’t they be remembered at once. That’s why DNS servers were created.

Companies said that you only remember the name of the brand and it is the responsibility of DNA Sarwar to convey the IP of that brand to you. Therefore, as soon as you enter google.com for any website exam,

then that request will first go to DNH and then it will be able to tell what is the IP of google.com only then you will be able to connect to google.com.

How do DNS Servers work?

Now we will talk about how DNA works. Suppose you created a website and created a server and you confirmed it and gave it an IP and told DNA service that it is my ID.

If anyone opens my website, then connect it to this ID. . But if you make any change inside your website or what IP address you change, it takes 20 to 24 hours for the DNS server score to be updated.

But in the meantime when someone has opened your website for the first time on their computer, then their computer has saved your old ID in their memory, so if it opens that ID next time or your website If it opens, it will try to open the old ID only.

This IP is saved in your computer’s memory for some time. As soon as the DNS is updated, change it on your website or on the server. They will automatically start appearing on your website and your website will start running easily.

DNS Lookup Tool

This is the role of DNA sarpanch from all the websites in the world, DNA sir simply resolves them on one IP address because the entire computer network is only running on IP address only. Without IP, no computer device or your mobile device can connect to each other.

How to Find My IP Address?

If you want to see your IP address which IP address is provided to your device, then you can go to Google and search what is your IP so that your public IP will show you that this IP is always changing.

Because you are provided Dynamic IP by your ISP, if you do not want to change this IP or you want to get a Particular IP address, then you can contact your ISP and get a static IP that can never change Not be

How do I find out what my DNS server is?

Today I will tell you how you can check your DNA server. All this process is going to be easy, so you will not face any problems.

First of all, you have to check the DNS records and open the tool and then you have to put the domain name in the section of the domain name on the website of which you want to view DNS records. And then after doing this you have to click on the lookup DNS button.

This process will take a few seconds and the DNS records of the website you entered will appear in front of the officer.

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