macOS install VMware Workstation on Windows

How to install macOS in Vmware Workstation on Windows

Step: 1 Patch VMware Workstation

Download the patch file and extract the file go to the VMWare-Unlock-tool patch folder and run the script run as administrator win-install.cmd

Patch VMware Workstation Download link
macOS install VMware

And reboot your system

Step: 2 Create a New Virtual Machine

start your VMWare workstation/Player click the create a new virtual machine button and choose Typical click Next button Next click the radio button ( I Will install the operating system later ) Next button

Choose an Apple Mac OS x radio button and select the version 10.14 click the next button and type your virtual machine name and location

Create a New Virtual disk 40GB is recommended

macOS install VMware

And Finish the Step

macOS install VMware

After completing all step click the Edit virtual machine settings

macOS install VMware
Click CD/DVD add button
macOS install VMware
macOS install VMware

choose hardware type Hard Disk SATA disk type

choose the option Use an existing virtual disk

macOS install VMware
Download macOS File hare

Click the browse button and choose your vmdk macOS file

Click the Finish button

macOS install VMware

And convert the existing Virtual disk

macOS install VMware

And start your macOS

macOS install VMware

choose your country and keyboard layout

Click the Continue Button

Set-Up Latter and Agree button

Type your full name and account name password

choose your color Look and finish the Step

After completing all step you see your macOS operating system is installed properly