Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox

Today we are going to Setup Red Hat Server Lab on VirtualBox, Red Hat is a multinational software company engaged in providing open-source software products to the enterprise community, You can download here the Red Hat Server ISO image File link.

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Red Hat Server Installation on Base System

Once you have downloaded the latest Red Hat Server ISO file, if you want to install the server on-base machine please first make it bootable USB Stick,

After the Bootable process is complete remove the USB stick from your computer and Reboot the system where you want to install Red Hat Server go to its bios settings and set the boot medium as USB/DVD and set first priority.

then insert your USB stick on your system and press your boot key, After pressing the boot key you can see your disk and drives please choose your boo-table USB drive and follow these steps.

Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox

If you already download the Red Hat Enterprise Server first we need to create a virtual machine on VirtualBox After creating the Red Hat Server Virtual machine go to the VM Setting and add your Red Hat Server ISO image to your Virtual Machine and Save it.

After boot with the Red Hat Server ISO image, we can see the windows choose the first option and hit enter. choose “Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3”

Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox

Now Red Hat installing Setup is started now choose your language and your country region and click the continue button.

Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox

Installation Destination

click the installation Destination button and choose your hard drive, in my case my Disk is VBOX Hard Disk and click the Done button.

Set Date & Time

Click the Time & Date button and set your region and city and click the Done.

Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox Network Configuration

This is the most important step Click the Network configuration button and on your Ethernet connection and specify your machine hostname and configure the Static IP address, After configuring the network connection click the Done.

Mention the hostname that you want to set and then click on “Apply”.

Software Selection

The installer will select automatic Server with GUI as software packages and if you want to change it then click on the Software Selection option and choose your preferred Basic Environment my preference is Minimal Install, and Click on Done.

Set Root User Password

Create your new password for Root user login.

Specify the local full name or username and password for the new user if you want to the make administrator click the first check box and click the done button.

Red Hat Server Installation Summary

Now, all set is configured successfully, currently, I do not connect with Red Hat Account if you want you can log in with your account username and password and you can skip the step and run the installation.

Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox

It takes 10-15 minutes to installation the red hat server on your machine please wait until the Complete message.

Red Hat Server Installation Done

We can see our Red Hat Server is successfully installed click the Reboot System and your system starts Rebooting, After Power-off the system please remove your USB Stick and VirtualBox user can remove your Live ISO CD.

So our machine is started with CLI ( command-line interface ) Environment use the same user name and password that we created during the installation for login.

Red Hat Server Installation VirtualBox
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People Ask Some Question

Why Red Hat Linux is not Free

So According to my research only open source software and Linux servers are free, and Red Hat Linux Server is not Open Source Server.

What is a RHEL server

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHELs ) is another Linux Server is developed by an American multinational software company Red Hat, Inc. and Red Hat Inc provide company provide some free open source software and operating systems like Fedora Linux server and CentOS Server.

Is Red Hat Linux Free for Personal use

Yes Red Hat Linux Server is Free for Personal Uses you can use the red hat server as a developer.

Which is better Ubuntu or Redhat

Both Server Are Best but Ubuntu Server is a Debian-based open-source Linux distribution and it’s free and RedHat Server isn’t free they charge for Software License, you can choose any server your use according.

How Much Does a Red Hat license Cost 2021

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation ==> 299$ USD
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server ==> 349$ USD
  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform ==> 8000$ USD