Qubes OS Installation 2022

In this post we are going to install another Linux Operating System Qubes OS, Qubes OS is a security-focused desktop operating system that provides security isolation. and user environments based on Fedora, Debian, Whonix, and Microsoft Windows, or other operating systems.

Qubes OS System Requirements

34 GB Hard Drive Disk Space

x86_64 CPU

4GB RAM Memory

VirtualBox 6.1.16

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Qubes OS Install on Virtualbox

  • First, open your VirtualBox
  • After opening the VirtualBox you need to click on the new button
  • And new popup window is the open first field you need to write your OS Name you can write any skip the second field because it’s already configured if you want to change the installation directory you can change it by clicking the second field, let’s move the third field and choose the type of operating system ( Linux ) and move the last field and chose version ( Fedora 64 ) and click next.
  • Now Select memory size ( and recommend memory size is 4000 MB ) and click next.
  • Next, create a virtual hard disk now and click create ( and select next VDI option and click next )
  • Now chose the first radio button Dynamically allocated and click Next
  • After clicking the next button you move to the Storage Section, here select the amount of storage, and recommend size is 35 GB

After Complete the Virtualbox setup wizard, We need to start Qubes OS on Virtualbox click the start button and the virtual machine is booting up, After power up the Virtual machine, you will saw a Select startup disk popup window.

Click on the icon and navigate your Qubes OS ISO image file, and click on the Start button.

IF you want to install this operating system on your main machine you can follow these steps, but first, you need to make a Qubes OS bootable Pendrive, you can use any software for creating a bootable pen-drive.

Now both users can follow these steps for installing Qubes OS on your main machine and installing qubes os on Virtualbox

After booting up the machine, we will saw these Boot Options windows, use your down arrow key, and select the last option Install Qubes OS.

Qubes OS Installation

If you enable the extended features in your VirtualBox you can’t see the boot option your qubes os is automatically booting up in verbose mode.

Qubes OS Installation

Qubes R4.0.4 Installation wizard process is started, let’s select your first country language and click continue.

Qubes OS Installation

Setup Qubes Installation Partition

Click on the Installation Destination link, remember: if you don’t connect with the internet you need to configure your Localization settings manually like: Time & Date, my machine is already connected to the internet that’s why I don’t need to configure data & time.

Qubes OS Installation

The next window shows us partition details let’s select your installation hard-disk in my case my Hard Disk name is ATA VBOX HARDDISK, if installing the Qubes os on your main system and have you install multiple hard drives on your computer. you will see here your all hard drives.

I unchecked the Encrypt my data option because I don’t need it if you want to encrypt your hard drive with a password this option is pre-enabled, and have your Linux Partitioning good knowledge you can create your self your partitions.

After check the all option twice click the done button.

Qubes OS Installation

now click the Begin Installation.

Configure root user password and new user creation.

Let’s first click on the USER CREATION.

now fill in your new user information like username and password and click the Done button.

Qubes OS dual boot Installation

Enable root user and set a password for the root user, click the ROOT PASSWORD.

first unchecked the Lock root account option or type your root user login password and click Done.

Qubes OS dual boot Installation

Our user’s Configuration is completed now we need to wait until the Qubes OS is installed on our Hard Disk, generally, it takes 15-20 minutes for installation of the Qubes OS on your Hard Drive, maybe in your case it takes long and sort time totally depends on you Computer Hardware.

After seeing the Complete message your need to restart your Qubes OS click the Reboot button, and your machine is started automatically.

Qubes OS dual boot with windows

my reboot process is done and we saw a Initial Setup alert click the QUBES OS.

Qubes OS dual boot with windows

check the following option your according and click on the Done button.

Let’s finished the installation click the FINISH CONFIGURATION button and After a minute your machine is again rebooting.

qubes os install on virtualbox

After rebooting the machine we will see the login window, let’s select your user and type user password, and hit enter.

qubes os install on virtualbox

Our Qubes OS installation is done successfully, now you can enjoy this operation system, if anyone gets an error in the installation process, contact the US our contact page we will reply you shortly,

and anyone want Qubes OS Dual Boot with Window you can also contact us our contact page.

qubes os install on virtualbox

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