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Alexa Website Ranking Checker

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Alexa traffic rank is determined by the web information company Alexa. Alexa Internet, inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of that provides commercial web traffic data. All Website ranking data provided by Alexa ( Amazon ) Tool. Check your Alexa rank now free our Tool Alexa rank checker.

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It has a toolbar that collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the Alexa website, where it’s stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting.

Alexa Tool provides website traffic data, global domain rankings, and other SEO data information. Google vs Alexa Rankchecker Google measures webpage and Alexa measures domain popularity.

How Alexa Tool Working

Alexa ranks websites from #1 to seemingly infinity. In 2020, there are about 1 million domains that can be ranked by the Alexa algorithm.

The global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past months.

The rank is calculated using a combination of the estimated average daily unique visitors to the site and the estimated number of page views on the site over the past months.

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