Kali-Linux install on Amazon AWS.

How to on setup kali Webserver on AWS

How to configure static IP AWS see here. Kali-Linux install.

Log in to your AWS account and launch a new EC2 instance

Now Create New Instance click Launch Instance

Amazon AWS – Create New Machine.

Choose an Amazon Machine Image And search Kali Linux and click Select button

Amazon AWS – Choose Your Machine.

Next click Continue

Choose an Instance Type use t2-micro Free and click Next: Configure Instance

Amazon AWS – Select Your Plane.

Configure Instance Details Simple click Next: Add Storage

Click Next: Add Tags

Amazon AWS – Select the Stroge.

Add Tags You chose anyone tag

Configure Security Group A security group is a set of firewall rules that control the traffic for your instance. Create a new security group Type SSH, All TCP, All UDP and Source Anywhere And click Review and Launch

Kali-Linux install

Please review your instance launch details. You can go back to edit changes for each section. Click Launch to assign a key pair to your instance and complete the launch process

Kali-Linux install

For connecting Kali Linux create a new key pair And Download you key Download Key Pair and Launch Instances

Kali-Linux install

Now Go To your Ec2 Dashboard and Select and copy you instance Ip address for connecting Machine

Kali-Linux install

first Go to your Download Folder and change permission Chmod 400 “you key name” after change permission login ssh connection Kali-Linux install.

ssh -i “your key name” ec2-user@youripaddress and yes

you log in your Kali Linux shell ec2-user change you user sudo su for the root login.

Kali-Linux install

Author: Rahul Gehlaut