Ubuntu-Server install Virtualbox

Latest Ubuntu server download here Ubuntu-Server install

  • Open you Virtualbox and click new buttons
  • Name: Put Your server name
  • Machine Folder: default
  • Type: Linux
  • Version: I am using Ubuntu (64-bit) you use any
  • Click Next Button
  • Virtual Ram: Create your virtual ram according to uses 1 GB recommended click Next
  • Virtual Hard disk: Create a virtual hard disk now and click Create
  • Hard disk file type: select radio button VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and next
  • Storage on physical hard disk: Dynamically allocated and Next
  • File location and size: select your path and select virtual harddisk size 10 GB recommended and create

After the step you VirtualBox is setup now configure CPU and Network Adapter

  • Right-click your VM and click setting button new window pop
  • Click System and Processor choose virtual processor you according to minimum 1 select automatic

Next step to configure your Network Adapter

  • Click Network and enable network adapter 1
  • Attached to: Bridged Adapter
  • Name: select your network card interface

the last step mount ubuntu server iso for installation click Storage new sidebar is open

  • Controller: IDE: click Empty next click
  • Optical Drive: click dive logo and Choose Virtual Optical Disk file to mean ubuntu server iso

Virtualbox configuration is done ready to installation click start button to start virtual Machine show in Image file

  • Choose your preferred language and Enter
  • Next step Installer update available click Enter Continue without updating
  • Choose your Keyboard layout and Enter the done button
  • Next step is Network Connections Enter Done Button
  • Configure proxy Simple Enter
  • Configure Ubuntu archive mirror Enter the first mirror and go to next step
  • Filesystem Configure Setup
  • Use An Entire Disk and Enter
  • Choose the disk to install to Vbox_HARDDISK
  • Filesystem Setup Simple Enter Done Button default

After entering Done Button new pop up window open Enter the continue

  • Profile Setup
  • Your name: Put your name
  • Your server’s name: Put your server name
  • Pick a username: Put your new local user name
  • Choose a password: Put your user password and Confirm your password

Now SSH server Installing Enter Space Button to Select Install OpenSSH server and tab button to the Done button

Featured Serve Snaps Tab button and Enter

After Installation Complete click Cancel update and reboot and your system is rebooting And Enter button to unmount your iso

Now your server is ready to log in login your username and password

Author: Rahul Gehlaut more blog here Ubuntu-Server install