Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

In this article, we are run Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox For Pentest Lab on Our VirtualBox, you can download here the Windows 8 ISO CD file.

After Download the window 8 iso file, we need to create a new machine Let’s Create a new machine follow the steps.

Windows 8 Installation on VirtualBox

  • Open your VirtualBox and click New Button
  • Fill the Machine Name or Type and Version
  • Select the Virtual Machine Ram
  • Choose Virtual Hard Disk
  • Click setting and go to storage
  • Click the CD icon and add your Windows 8 iso image
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Now our VirtualBox Setup is complete If you need more extra ram and processors you can upgrade yourself, enter the machine setting, and go to the System section.

After all, the configuration is completed, we need to start our VM click the start button and your VM is booting up wait a minute. Now Windows 8 Installation setup is started choose your language or Time and keyboard input method and click Next.

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

Click Install Now and start windows 8 installation. if you’re already installed Windows 8 and you want to Repair your Computer click the Repair your computer and windows 8 troubleshooting is started it is automatic to detect your computer error and Fix your Windows 8 Errors.

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

When you see the Activate Windows screen, you’ll need to either enter a key. You may not see this screen if you’re the second time install Windows 8 automatically detects your PC’s hardware key.

If you’ve never installed an activated Windows 8 on this computer before, and your purchase new windows 8 key from Microsoft, enter your Windows key here.

If you don’t have one, but you have a valid Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 key, enter it here instead

Windows 8 Installation Activation Key

Windows 8 Ultimate Product Key (32-Bit)Windows 8 Ultimate Product Key (64-Bit)

Read the Windows 8.1 Pro License terms or conditions and click the checkbox and click Next button.

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

There is Two option to installing Windows 8, First is If you already use old Microsoft Windows like Windows 7 and XP. you can upgrade your old windows blaa to Windows 8 and if you’re installing the First Time Microsoft Windows choose the Second option.

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox Hard Drive

Choose your Hard Drive

Now choose your Hard Disk where you want to install Windows 8, I have only 1 Drive, If you have a multi-hard disk please choose one and click the Next button.

Warning: When you delete a drive partition, you’re also deleting all the files on that partition. Be sure you have backups of any important files before doing this!

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

Windows 8 Installation start

After clicking the Next button Windows 8 installing starts, and may restart a few times during this process. When it’s done, your PC is reboot automatically.

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

After reboot, the PC remote your installation media and VirtualBox users can remote windows 8 iso CD from your VirtualBox.

Windows 8 Installation VirtualBox

Set up your PC and choose your express setting

Now we need to Sign in to our Microsoft account, if you don’t have a Microsoft account you can create your new account and if you don’t was to use a Microsoft account you can skip the step.

If you skip the sign-in to your Microsoft account method, there is another option it offline method, type your user and password and finish the setup.

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