MacChanger in Kali Linux

In this post, we are going to talk about what is macchanger and why we need to change our machine mac address, and how to install macchanger in other Linux operating systems.

Install macchanger in Linux Distros

If you want to install macchnager in another Linux distros you can use these commands for installing macchnager on different Linux distributions.

Install MacChanger in Kali Linux

In most Cases macchanger is already installed on Kali Linux, if you’re using Kali Linux net-installer ISO there is no pre-installed package, in this case, you need to install macchanger on your Kali Linux you can use this command for installing Macchnager on Kali Linux.

Macchanger in Kali Linux
Install MacChanger in Ubuntu
Install MacChanger in Arch Linux

you can use the same command for install macchanger on other Arch Linux based distro like: Manjaro Linux, EndeavourOS, ArcoLinux, BlackArch Linux.

What is MacChanger

Macchanger is a Linux utility for viewing machine mac address and changing the MAC ad‐
dress for network interfaces. using this utility you can’t change your mac address permanently, After reboot your machine you need to change again your mac address.

Why we Need MacChanger

If you make your system anonymous with login testing there are a few steps you can follow. Sometimes, you also change or manipulate your mac address so that your device’s network card hardware address is hidden. To do so you can use the tool macchanger that already exists in Kali Linux.

Change random mac address

Before change our mac address first we need our network interface name, we use the ifconfig command for listing all network interfaces.

Macchanger in Kali Linux

Now in my case, my network interface name is wlan0 because I’m using my WIFI connection, If you use a different Linux Distro and different network connections like Ethernet, USB connection in this case your network interface name is different.

First we check our current mac address using the command.

-s => Show MAC Address

wlan0 => Network Interface Name

Macchanger in Kali Linux

Before changing our mac-address, we need to down our network let’s run this command for network connection turn off.

Now We ready to change the MAC address of the network interface by using this command

-r => random mac-address

wlan0 => network interface name

Once you have done these commands you can finally open your network interface and again check the mac address using these commands.

Change the specific MAC address

You can use the network interface MAC address MAC of your specific choice uses these commands for changing specific choice mac-address.

Bypass WIFI MAC-Address Filtering

Why we need specific mac-address

We need many cases specific mac-address like if you wanna connect to some WIFI address, and there is enable mac filtering for specif mac-address use can use the owner device mac-address for bypassing WIFI mac filtering.

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