Hack Windows 10 In Kali Linux | windows 10 hacks

How To Hack Windows 10 in Kali Linux

Today I will tell you how you can hack window10 in Kali Linux. windows 10 hacks

Creating a Virus.
Hack Windows 10

First of all, you have to open the terminal in your Kali Linux and then after that, you have to type some commands which you will find in the section of commands. With these commands, you can create a virus, by which you can put all the data on your computer by putting it on any computer or laptop.

Kali Linux – Starting the services and Tool. (windows 10 hack)
Hack Windows 10

You can see that my virus has been created and its size is also mentioned here, after that we

will have to start some services for which you will find the commands in the command section.

Hack Windows 10

After starting the services, you have to open a tool which is msfconsole so that you can control your virus and access the data of another laptop. To start the tool, you will find the command in the section of the command.

Kali Linux – Connect the Virus. ( windows 10 hack )

You can see that the msfconsole tool has been opened. Now we have to connect our tool with our virus. For which you have to write some commands first.

In the first command, you have to turn on your multi-handler, after that, you will have to set your payload which you gave while creating the virus. After doing all this, you will have to set your kali Linux IP, after that you will have to enter your port which you gave while creating the virus, after all this you have to type Exploit and then press Enter to connect Will be ready for.

After all this, the virus that you have created, you have to put in another laptop or computer which you want to hack and then it has to be run by double-clicking. I have inserted my virus inside my windows and also opened it is.

You can see that my tool has connected with my virus and a session has been opened and I have

a connection to another computer.

Kali Linux – System info. ( windows 10 hack )

You can get information about another computer with the Sysinfo command. After this your computer will be hacked, now you can put anything on the computer and you can also download any file from there.