DataLife Engine Installation

In this post we are going to install DataLife Engine on the Ubuntu server, DataLife Engine is a ( CMS ) Content Management System, DataLife Engine is designed for media websites and blog creation on the Internet. DataLife Engine is easy to use CMS.

DataLife Engine CMS is a Very lightweight Content Management System, you can run it with 8 MB ram memory and a single-core processor.

DataLife Engine Demo

DataLife Engine is working with a large website keeping the server load on a minimum level. in this post we use DataLife Engine Demo Free Trial Version, and DataLife Engine isn’t free for personal and professional uses but you can try DataLife Engine Trial Version, there is no payment method requires for Downloading DataLife Engine Demo.

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DataLife Engine Demo Download

You can download it from

DataLife Engine Minimal Server requirements

  • Apache 2.0 or above
  • PHP 5.4 or above
  • MySQL 5.0 or above
  • PHP Extensions => Zlib, GD2 XML mbstring or iconv
  • The minimum ram memory size RAM is 8 Megabytes
  • The recommended size of RAM depends on your Site load.

DataLife Engine Installation on Ubuntu Server

Before Star DataLife Engine Installation, we need to download the DataLife Engine Demo trial version Source code, let’s download the DataLife Engine demo train version from

In this DataLife Engine Installation, I’m using my subdomain, if you want to try DataLife Engine for Learning purposes, I suggest you install it on your Subdomain.

If you already enough learn about DataLife Engine you can Install DataLife Engine on your main domain for Blogging and creating a new Website.

After download the DataLife Engine Trail Version, first we need to create a Web directory for DataLife Engine Installation files, let’s open your terminal and create any name directory.

Now copy the file in your Document Root Directory, in my case, my Document root directory in /var/www/ and extract it using unzip command.

If you install DataLife Engine on your main domain or shared hosting in your case your document directory is different.

Adding Permission removing useless files

Now move your Document root directory and move all files from the upload directory to the document root directory.

Delete useless Files and Directory

Changing Files and Directory Group and user permission use these command.

Adding Special permission for Special files and directories

Setup Virtual-Host For DataLife Engine Installation

If you install DataLife Engine on your main domain you can skip this step, because of this steps for Subdomain users.

Let’s move the apache2 configuration directory and copy the default configuration file and open it to any text editor.

DataLife Engine Installation

After open the virtual-host configuration file, we need to edit some lines First change the ServerName to your domain, and second change your DocumentRoot Directory, if you want to change Webmaster Email you can change it’s optional.

DataLife Engine Installation

Creating New Database for DataLife Engine Installation

Let’s create a new database and new db user for DataLife Engine database files, I’m using MariaDB Server you can use these commands for creating a new database.

If you used PHPMYADMIN web base Database Server you can use it also for creating new database.

DataLife Engine Installation

Before Start DataLife Engine Installation Wizard installs these php requirement extensions, if you already did you can skip this step.

First Add these following repository for installing PHP extensions

DataLife Engine Installation Wizard

Now our Server Step is completed let’s open your any web browser and navigate the domain URL.

After open the website URL. you will see the DataLife Engine Installation Wizard page is open click the Start the Installation and go to next step.

DataLife Engine demo Installation

read the following license Agreement or click the checkbox and click on Next.

DataLife Engine demo Installation

Checking Installation PHP components if you see any missing components first install the missing components After see the all requirements components in green status click Next.

DataLife Engine demo

Checking the write access permission for important system files, if there any directory permission status shows red you need to add permission following directory.

DataLife Engine demo Installation

Configuration Database, Let’s file your database information, if you didn’t create any database read the previous New Database paragraph, and create a new Administrator user for the Control Panel After completing the fill-up of all configuration settings click the next button.

DataLife Engine demo

Our Installation Wizard is almost completed click the Next button and remove the install.php file from your Document root directory.

DataLife Engine trail Installation

Now we see a beautiful DataLife Engine interface click the login button and write your administrator credentials then click the right arrow button.

DataLife Engine trail Installation

Open the Administration Panel click on your username and next click on Administration Panel URL.

Now our DataLife Engine is successfully installed and now you can customize your uses according to this DataLife Engine Content Management System. (CMS )

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