Youtube mp3 Converter

Video and music provide entertainment and leisure in one’s life. People watch these videos in their free time for relaxation. However, listening to it without the internet is an issue.

Youtube is a streaming platform that contains millions of videos of different types that a person can enjoy. Informative, entertaining, music, etc videos can help out the person in every field. Furthermore, watching videos without the internet is not difficult at all now. Just copy the URL of the preferred video from youtube and paste it to the converting or downloading website.

These downloaders can download the video on your device without any hassle. Moreover, sometimes people want to listen to the music only and it can only be done through mp3 players. People can convert video into audio using mp3 players. Do you want to know the fastest youtube to mp3 converters? This article will guide you.

Let’s start

Top 10 fast youtube converters 

Following are the fast converting websites that convert youtube videos.

1- Y2 Mate

It does not only work for youtube but can be used for other platforms too. It downloads, plays, and performs other functions like tagging and remix the audio too. There are many formats like mp3, mp4, etc so that a user can convert into their preferred format. It has an efficient tool that converts the whole playlist from the youtube channel.

2- Youtube mp3 Converter by Motionbox

It is a very simple converter that downloads and converts video by just pasting the URL in the search box. Sometimes people want to listen to their favorite part of the audio and for this, It has a feature to trim the video. 

3- DVDvideosoft Youtube to MP3 converter

This downloader can be used for both PC and Mac. it downloads with original quality without any error and virus. It can also convert heavy files from youtube to the device. You can also compress the size of the selected video. 

4- Youtube mp3 Converter by

This converter can upload and download the video in high quality. It can valid for different operating systems like Windows, android, ios, and Mac. before downloading the final version it can cut down the video and audio according to your preference.

5- Youtube mp3 Converter by Ontiva

It is a very useful website that gives the option to download or convert video into many formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC, WMV, OGG, ACC, MP2, WMA, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MOV, etc. it can cut or crop the preferred audio or video with excellent quality.

6- Free youtube to Mp3 converter

Many websites and conversion tools don’t allow a person to download them hassle-free. As they required long sign-in procedures and for advance features a user has to buy the packages. But this website is free for all conversions. You can convert it into mp3 or other formats easily and within seconds. After downloaded it a person can save it into their mobile or PC’s gallery without any error.


It can not only downloads from youtube but can give you access to more than 1000 websites. It is a free tool that can convert in MP3 format and save the preferred video directly into your device. It can compress the video or audio version that takes less space in your device and the user can save a lot of videos.

8- iTubeGo youtube downloader Youtube mp3 Converter

It can download a video from multi-platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc. it can not only download video but also an audio version for the user. It is a high-defined website that can download or convert multiple audios and videos at a time from different channels and apps. High-quality formats are being saved into your devices.

9- VideoProc 4k downloader Youtube mp3 Converter

It gives you access to download audio versions of the same quality as they present on the platform. A video and audio from Facebook, youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram, etc can be downloaded error-free and fastly. It is such a useful software that is highly demanded by users.

10- oDownloader Youtube mp3 Converter

It is highly used by the mobile and PC that downloads in high quality without any virus in the device. Many videos can be converted into MP3 formats at a time with high speed. Ads are hurdles on the platform but this converter is ad-free and removes these blockages from the video or audio.


People get bored and want to listen to music but sometimes there is no internet connectivity and it is such a frustrating situation. For this issue, these converters are the main solution.

People can access most of the websites totally free and easy and the method to convert or download is very fast and comprehensive. Have you used these converters before? Let us know in the comments about your experience and give the recommendations accordingly.