What is the Firewall

What is the Firewall | turn off firewall Kali Linux | disable firewall Kali Linux

A firewall blocks unwanted traffic and permits wanted traffic.so a firewall’s purpose is to create a safety barrier between a private network and the public internet. and a firewall is the main component on a network to prevent this.

the firewall protects our computers from the internet hackers internet hacker can steal our information like credit card details, bank account information social login passwords, etc.

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  5. What is the Firewall

Types of Firewall

  • Packet Filtering Firewall
  • Application/Proxy Firewall
  • Hybrid Firewall

Packet Filtering firewall

Packet filtering firewall is already present in the internet rooters so they are the cheapest and the cutest way to implement the only limitation of packet filtering firewall it does not check the data portion payload of the data packet.

so a hacker could send some malicious data tagged in this payload section and bypass the firewall packet filtering firewall provides low-level security.

Application Firewall

These firewalls operate at the application level. in other words, they filter the traffic only with regards to the application for which they are intended. It operates by monitoring and potentially blocking the input, output, or system service calls that do not meet the configured policy of the firewall.

Hybrid Firewall

A hybrid firewall is that combines features and functions from the other types of firewalls. Hybrid firewalls use a combination of the other three methods, and in practice, most firewalls fall into this category, since most use multiple approaches within the same device. and a firewall is especially important to a large organization.

Firewall Configure Kali Linux

First, we install a Firewall in Kali Linux. Kali has no preinstall Firewall we can install a firewall in Kali Linux using the command

What is the Firewall | turn off firewall Kali Linux | disable firewall Kali Linux

Turn off firewall Kali Linux

Our Firewall is installed successfully in the Kali Linux machine now using the disable command we can disable and off our Kali Linux Firewall run the command in Terminal.

What is the Firewall | turn off firewall Kali Linux | disable firewall Kali Linux
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  5. What is the Firewall