VI Editor modes Overview

The VI editor modes is the most popular and classic text editor in Linux. VI editor has three modes of operations

VI Editor modes
  • Insert mode
  • Ex Mode (Extended Command Mode)
  • Command Mode

Insert Mode

  • I – Insert the text at the current cursor position
  • a – Adds the text after the current cursor position
  • A – Adds the text at the end of the line
  • o – Insert the text one line below the current cursor position
  • O – Insert the text one line above current cursor position

Ex Mode

  • :q – Quit without saving text
  • :q! – Quite forcefully without saving text
  • :w – Write input text
  • :wq – Write and quite
  • :wq! – Write and quite forcefully
  • :5 – Cursor goes to line 5
  • :se nu – show line numbers
  • :se nonu – Remove line numbers

Command Mode

  • dd – Delete a line
  • sdd – Delete ‘s’ line
  • yy – Copy a line
  • syy – Copy ‘s’ line
  • p – Put (our text)
  • u – Undo Changes
  • G – Moves the cursor to the last line of the file

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