Why use Kali Linux Hacking

Why hacker use Kali Linux Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Overview of Kali Linux
Why use Kali Linux

Kali Linux was developed by Offensive Security as a hacking operating
system built on a distribution of Linux called Debian. There are many
distributions of Linux, and Debian is one of the best.

You are probably most
familiar with Ubuntu as a popular desktop distribution of Linux. Ubuntu is
also built on Debian.

Other distributions include Red Hat, CentOS, Mint,
Arch, and SUSE. Although they all share the same Linux kernel (the heart of
the operating system that controls the CPU, RAM, and so on), each has its
own utilities, applications, and choice of the graphical interface (GNOME,
KDE and others) for different purposes

Kali was designed for
penetration testers and hackers and comes with a significant complement of
hacking tools.

How install Kali AWS see here

I strongly recommend that you use Kali for this book. Although you can
use another distribution, you will likely have to download and install the
various tools we will be using, which could mean many hours of downloading
and installing tools. In addition, if that distribution is not built on Debian,
there may be other minor differences.

Download How to install Kali Linux blog