Understanding /etc/passwd File.

Overview of passwd file Understanding /etc/passwd

The /etc/passwd File. /etc/passwd is a text file that contains the attributes of (i.e., basic information about) each user or account on a computer running Linux or another Unix-like operating system. … Each line contains seven attributes or fields: name, password, user ID, group ID, geck os, home directory, and shell Understanding /etc/passwd

  • 1 username: It is used when the user logs in. It should be between 1 to 32 characters long.
  • 2 password: An x character indicate the password is stored in /etc/shadow file
  • 3 user ID: Each user assigned a different user ID
  • 4 group ID: The primary group ID stored in /etc/group file
  • 5 user info: This field is a comment
  • 6 home directory; This field is shown user home directory
  • 7 shell: which shell is using user

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