Scavengers Early Access could be the next big Battle Royale.

About Scavengers

Scavengers is a PvE VP battle royale game which means you’re not only fighting players but you’re also fighting against ai-controlled enemies now this is a relatively newer approach to battle royales that we’ve seen play out in games like the cycle an epic store exclusive that has seen moderate success in the PvE VP space but altogether the genre just hasn’t captured the mass popularity of some of the bigger battle royale titles scavengers hopes to change all that with a few gameplay tweaks.

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Download Scavengers Early Access

Scavengers Early Access Info

Here’s the deal with scavengers at the moment the game is in early access which is why this is early access worth your time review things are bound to change over the course of the next few months and the game itself may look a whole lot different six months from now at this point.

Scavengers Early Access

I think it’s safe to say that maybe scavengers is worth your time but it’s definitely not for everyone and it’s far from fully fleshed out the cool thing is you don’t need to pay any money to check out the game midwinter entertainment

the developers behind the game have opened up access to all players as of may 1stfree for everyone on steam and epic and don’t worry regardless of which launcher you are using you can play with your friends.

Basics of The Scavengers Early Access.

let’s dial it back to the basics scavengers is a third-person hybrid shooter where you play as one of several explorers each explorer comes with a signature weapon as well as unique perks that give them a different feel when playing the

game each lends itself to a different play style and will speak to a different type of player whether or not all the explorers are equally useful is another debate entirely your team is made up of a party of three and at the start of each match you’re tasked with collecting as many data shards as you can

Scavengers Early Access

Then extracting them determining the winner it’s a bit convoluted but honestly, it’s pretty simple once you’ve experienced it a few times collecting data shards is a primarily PvE experience you’ll head to strong points on your map fight a number of ai controlled enemies and then use your little robot to scours hards

from the major shard nodes enemies will also drop varied amounts of shards but not nearly as much as the major points now as you explore each location you’ll collect gear in the form of new guns valuable consumables like bandages medkits and rations as well as scrap that is essential for crafting armor upgrades and certain items you have researched for your loadout.

Scavengers Early Access

Now the entire experience is centered around PvE killing NPCs to get your level up experience and ammo until it isn’t the entire time you’re collecting data shared enemy teams are doing the exact same thing and the experience really

comes down to a head when teams collide over certain strong points this is honestly where the game is at its absolute best when you’re confronting other teams while also dealing with the PvE elements of the game it’s chaotic requires coordination and is honestly the peak of the scavenger’s experience.

Game Ending

There’s one more key component of the game and that’s extraction as the map’s playable area shrinks due to an ever-closing storm massive dropship will come down and players will have just a few minutes to rush aboard to extract all their

data shards it’s all or nothing here and your team has to make it onto the ship for your shards to be counted you can have the most shards but if you don’t make it to the extraction well then you still lose you can also upload some of your shards at outposts around the map.

Scavengers Early Access

But by the end of the game that’ll only amount to a fraction of the total shards collected across the various teams especially if you manage to take out a team and collect their shards for yourself the end of a scavengers round is an

absolute bloodbath with teams coming from every direction trying to secure a spot on the ship usually wideout in the open it’s not exactly perfect or the most climactic way to end around but we had plenty of fun wiping out other teams as we attempted to secure our spots on the ship.

Progression System Within the Game

Now what we just ran through here were the basics the game does however have some more nuance that we need to discuss so you get a complete picture of what scavengers are the first is a research component that takes place between rounds which acts as a progression system within the game you’ll dismantle items you collect while playing the game and then use the broken

down materials research new items that you can the crafting-game during your matches you can also dismantle materials that you’ve crafted for nanites in order to make other materials that you might be missing it’s definitely a system that favors playtime the more you play the more research you can complete the better items you can get and this is definitely going to disrupt the balance of the game to a degree.

Unlike other bars you’re not exactly starting uneven footing players that are far along in their research can craft decent weapons almost immediately provided they get the scrap drops and that can drastically change up the flow of around it’s not inherently a bad thing but definitely something the team will need to keep an eye on this is balanced currently around these craftables requiring

scrap and it’s the decision between weapon upgrades shields consumables and more that could be key moments on the battlefield now this crafting system also gives players an edge when it comes to dealing with the survival element of the game cold and hunger if you have researched you can use something called a

thermal boost that basically prevents you from freezing players that don’t have this research need to find a fire within the world or just happen upon a medical resource cache that drops then it makes enough of a difference that it elevates the players with thousands of hours and stacks the deck against the newer or more casual players just trying to get a feel for the game.

Now there are some other aspects of scavengers match worth pointing out as well like the random storms that wash over certain areas of the map these force you to take cover indoors or risk freezing to death and I personally really enjoy this mechanic it forces you to plan ahead even if it’s only by a few seconds and

is a random element within the game that just works well and can sometimes even shake up an entire fight additionally there are vehicles that you can unlock within the game for the cost of scrap that make moving from objective to the objective that much easier driving the vehicle doesn’t feel great but it gets the job done when moving from point a to point b allowing your teammates to also shoot from it at the same time.

FAQ About Scavengers

How to get scavengers early access?

Scavengers’ early access is absolutely free, which you can easily download and play from the Steam or Epic Game Store. For this, you do not need to go anywhere, as soon as you go to the official website of its scavengers, you will get the option of Epic Games and PlayStation from where you will be able to easily download its early access.

How to get Scavengers Early Access key?

There is no early access key to play the scavengers game. This is a free game that you can easily download by going to the official website and find out on which platform the Scavengers game is currently available. Early access to its Scavengers game will be easily available on the Stream and Epic Games Store.

Scavengers Release Date 2021

The Scavengers game is currently in early access mode, so you can easily Download its beta version and play it for free by visiting the Epic Game Store. Its release date has not yet been told until the beta version works well. The game will not be released until. It is being told that in the coming few months the Scavengers game will be released as long as you can play the beta version of the Scavengers game for free.