How to Share Screen On IOS 15

Today I will tell you how you can share your screen while calling in Apple iOS 15. The screen sharing feature has just been added to Apple iOS 15. And there is no screen sharing feature in any version below Ayush 15. So if you want to use the screen sharing feature, then you must have iOS 15.

To use the Apple iOS 15 Feature, first, you have to call a person. You do not have to call the person in front of you in any different way, just like you make a normal call every day, you have to call in the same way.

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iOS 15 facetime share screen – how to share screen on iphone

While calling any random person, you have to tap on the screen once and after that you will be exposed to the Screen Share Features of iOS 15. Out of all the features, you have to click on the computer screen with a human icon in the right corner. This is a screen-sharing feature that has been launched in Apple iOS 15.

How to Share Screen On IOS 15

After doing this, you have to click on the computer with the human icon, after which the option of Share My Screen will appear in front of you. If you have iOS 15 and still this feature of yours is not working then you have to cut the call and then call a person again.

As soon as you click on the screen option in share, then your screen will be visible to the person in front and whatever activities will happen on your screen, that person in front can see on his screen. In the same way, if the person in front has an iOS 15 version, then that person can also share his screen with you after doing the same process with you.

If you want to enjoy this picture, then you can change your old iPhone and buy a new iPhone which supports iOS 15 as well as if you do not have an older Apple iPhone then you can update it after updating it. Can convert to Ayush 15. In both these situations, you will be able to use the screen sharing feature present in iOS 15.