Domain authority is not a new term in blogging, yet many bloggers are unfamiliar with domain authority and the importance of having one. The domain authority is one of the most important criteria that determine how well a website will perform in search engines.

The importance of domain authority can’t overstate since it builds on the backs of many SEO criteria. This number represents a website’s SEO for a search engine.

In this post, I will discuss the top 5 domain authority checking tools available on the internet. Let’s have a look!

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What Is Domain Authority Of A Website?


The Domain Authority of a website is a metric that indicates how well it performs in search engine results. It is a Search engine ranking score created by Moz to assess a website’s performance. Moreover, most people utilize this number when buying or selling a website.

What Is A Good DA Score?

The Domain Authority scale ranges from one to ten, with the highest scores awarded to sites with a significant number of high-quality external connections.

The lowest scores awards to small companies and websites with few inbound links. Initially, a brand-new website will have a Domain Authority score of one. However, over time, that number will rise as the site accrues more authoritative backlinks.

Top 5 Domain Authority Checker

⦁ Prepostseo DA Checker

Prepostseo DA Checker is a fantastic tool for testing the authority of more than 50 websites simultaneously. There is no need for any extra captchas or subscriptions.

The result displays the domain authority and page authority scores, Moz rank, IP address, and indexed pages in Google.


Furthermore, you have the option of downloading this result as an Excel file, which you can then examine and analyze at your leisure. The user interface is easy to navigate.

Prepostseo is devoid of bugs, works fast, and can be used to check many DAs at the same time. It offers the opportunity to download the final report in CSV format with only one click of the mouse.


⦁ Rankwatch.Com

The rank watch is another tool that is accessible on the internet use as a bulk DA checker. It is a free tool that can use to check the authority of as many as five links at the same time.

For those who want to do further testing, you will need to wait for another query to become available once the initial scanning order has been completed.

Because the program uses the MOZ API, you may be confident that your website’s domain authority number shown for your website is legitimate.

A single click may provide information about the Page Authority and Domain Name Authority of a website. Furthermore, it gives you the option of determining whether or not the spammy links are legitimate.

⦁ is another online domain authority checking tool used to make the work of search engine optimization experts easier. This domain authority checker tool allows you to search domain authority as well as page authority.

In conjunction with the DA PA checker tool, the automatic frame also searches the URLs inside the massive database and returns the most relevant results. There is no time restriction on how many times you may use this tool; instead, you can use it as often as you like.


This DA assessment tool also offers you a variety of other domain metrics. Also helpful in evaluating your SEO ranks, page authority, and how well your site performs compared to your rivals’ websites.

Additionally, the website will assist you in finding the essential terms used by your competitors.

In addition, the site provides you with the resources necessary to evaluate the profile of your Rivals. You will understand how well they execute and how you may surpass them in this manner.


It is one of the best SEO tool provider websites, and it provides both simple and sophisticated capabilities to help you enhance your website. Its da checker is straightforward to use.

When you click on the Analyze Domain option, the tool will inform you of the website’s top-ranking pages and the domains connected to the website. It also provides the anticipated number of clicks for a term with only a single click of the mouse.

Users may check the domain score of up to 20 websites at the same time using this online tool.



If you have never paid attention to your site’s domain authority score, now is the time to do so. Use one of the domain authority checkers listed above to determine your site’s domain authority score.

You should start improving your SEO methods if your domain authority (DA) is below a certain threshold. You may choose the most appropriate tool for your domain authority checking requirements.