Top 5 Free VPN For Android & Computer

What is VPN Protection

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You can easily view any website through a VPN. I will tell you how VPN works. And what is a VPN? If you live in India and want to check the website of any other country which is not available in India, then you will get a notice that any website you are opening is not available in your country.

That is why you have to use VPN, whenever you use VPN and open that website again, then that website will be opened on your computer in India. Because your IP address is no longer the IP address of India, it will be the IP address of any other country where that website is available. Through this, you can also see many private websites which are not available in India or in other countries.

A VPN is a virtual private network whose heads are simply placed in different countries. If you use VPN, it removes your IP and assigns the IP of any other country server to you so that all the servers in that country feel that you are the person of this country, then you. You can use all the private things which are available for that country. This is the way a VPN works.

Top 5 Free VPN For Android & PC

Today I will tell you how you can download and use it for your laptop computer for free. All the VPNs mentioned here are absolutely free and you can upgrade them if you want. All these Vipin have maintained their place in the market for a very long time and till now they are the most secure VPN in terms of choice and security of the people.

1. Hotspot Shield VPN

The first VPN on our list is Hotspot Shield Free VPN. This is the most preferred VPN of all people, through which you can view any website and secure your data. Through this VPN you get up to 500mb of daily data usage.

That is, you get to use up to 15 GB of data in 1 month. Through this VPN you can view any website and make your data completely secure.

Top 5 Free VPN For Android & Computer

This VPN is available to you in a very similar way. Using this VPN is very easy and you can set up it very quickly. This has some special issues and some drawbacks as well. For example, before using this VPN, you will have to process some log in and create an account only then you will be able to use this VPN.

The service of this VPN is very good and you can use only one server and only one person using this VPN. The company that makes this VPN is from the US. And when you use this VPN, you will get to know all the things about it, the speed of this VPN is very good and its connectivity is also very good.

2. Windscribe VPN

The second and largest VPN on our list is Windscribe. Using this VPN is also very easy and you can also setup it very quickly. This VPN can support any Windows. And you can show web sites or videos by opening them at a very good speed.

Through this VPN you are given to use up to 10 GB of data in 1 month. So that you can easily see any website or any content all over the world. Through this VPN you are given very good security and privacy to your data.

Top 5 Free VPN For Android & Computer

This VPN has more than 10 servers all over the world. Which is very fast and you can connect to these servers and do your work at a very fast speed. Within this VPN you also get the services of swift connection.

There are some drawbacks of this VPN as well, such that you get very little support from the company providing the VPN so that your problem can be solved in a very short time. And while using this VPN, you are shown the company’s aids. If you are looking for a free VPN for Netflix, then you can easily use this VPN to use Netflix.

The interface of this VPN is very good and different from all VPNs. Looking at all the things, this VPN is very powerful and provides you with a lot of good services.

3. Tunnel Bear VPN

The third VPN on the list is TunnelBear. The company that makes this VPN is an antivirus maker that creates all its products in a very good way and their services are also very good. This VPN gives you up to 500 MB of data to use in 1 month.

This is less than our list and VPN, but the services and your security provided by this VPN are given very high importance.

Top 5 Free VPN For Android & Computer

There are more than 1000 servers of this VPN in the whole world. And through this Vipin, you can connect five devices and use the data. Its user interface is very easy and user friendly. This VPN gives you very good security and guarantees the securities provided by it.

The best thing about this Vipin is that it becomes available on both mobile and desktop platforms. The biggest drawback of this VPN is the very low data limit. You can also set your DNH through this Vipin and you can also easily set the port through which you want to take or sell your data.

4. ProtonVPN

The fourth free VPN on our list is ProtonVPN. This VPN provides you with many and very good services such that by using this VPN you can use unlimited data. Which does not give you any other VPN.

If you use too many VPNs, then this VPN will prove to be very useful for you, you will not have to worry about data usage while using this way. Through this VPN you are given very good security and your data is absolutely secure.

With this VPN you can connect only one device at a time and this VPN allows you to sit anywhere in the world. You can use more than 3 service in its entire world. It is also very liked by 10 people, so it is included in our list.

The worst thing about this VPN is that the head provided by Vipin is simply too much work. But due to lack of service, you will not face any problem with its service.

5. Speedify VPN

The fifth and last and best VPN of our list is Speedify. This VPN has more than 1000 servers all over the world and this head is keeping more than 50 different locations. With which you can easily and very fast watch the website Sia videos you have seen.

This VPN gives you up to 10GB of data to use in 1 month. The customer support of this VPN is also very good and you can take the solution of any problem from these 24 hours at any time.

Through this VPN, your security and your data privacy are very good. This VPN is very secure in all VPS of our list. Through this Vipin you also get performance boosters so that your browsing speed becomes very good.

This Vipin also has some drawbacks such as this VPN made by a US company. And to use this VPN, you have to use different connections. If you want to download this Vipin for free, then the official website of this VPN will be shown below from where you can download it for free and use If you like this VPN, then you can purchase more plans for it.


Is a free VPN worth it?

Many types of VPNs are available in the market, some of which are VPN free and some VPNs you have to buy and use for money. Using a free VPN is very easy. But it also has some drawbacks like if you are watching videos or some websites, then services of free VPN are not good for securing your data.

Free VPNs work in your computer according to limited data, if the given data limit is over, then the VPNs stop working. Free VPN whenever you use something more important. If you use more VPNs in your day-to-day life, then you should purchase a VPN service from a good company so that you will be secure on the Internet and your personal data created by you will also be secure.

Free VPN security is very less. There are many websites in the market that provide you a good and good security VPN service for the least amount of money.

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