How to Buy Buff Games Premium 2021.

Today I will tell you how you can Buy Buff Games Premium and simply access the premium services and features of the software. Many premium services are provided to you by Buff such as if you have premium Buff software then you will be able to purchase premium games and gift cards provided by Buff at a low price.

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What Is Buff Games Premium?

Buff Game is a gaming software through which you can earn money by playing games and with the earned money you can buy new games and gift cards. This software keeps on doing background processing on your computer when you play the game and when your game is over it gives you some credit according to your performance, this credit appears in your balance and when your balance is more If done, you can purchase games and gift cards through it.

How to Buy Buff Games Premium

To take the premium of the Buff software, first, you have to open your Buff software, after that click on the read more button in the Get More with Premium section given on the right corner.

Through which you will be able to see what features you are going to get for how much price.

How to Buy Buff Games Premium

After this, a window like this will open in front of you, here you can see that you have 3 premium plans of Buff Software, out of which the first branch is available at a very low price, after that you get Premium Plus and Premium Lite Buff Plan.

By purchasing which you will be able to unlock even more premium features. To purchase any of these plans, you have to click on the select button given below.

How to Buy Buff Games Premium

After this, two options will appear in front of you, in which you can select through which payment option you want to pay to purchase the premium plan of the Buff, here you can also through your credit card and debit card or PayPal account can make payment.

How to Buy Buff Games Premium

After selecting whichever payment method you want to pay, a window of some kind will open in front of you where you can purchase the premium plan simply by entering your credit card or debit card details. Buffs can also purchase premium plans through google pay.

Note: You have to keep one thing in mind when you buy any premium plan from here, then you should have a Visa or Master card. Because the Buff is an out-of-country company where you cannot use your local country card. Here you need to have international transactions on your card to do the transaction, which you get to see in Visa and MasterCard. So keep in mind that to purchase the plans for free, you will have to do international transactions.

After this, as soon as you just purchase the premium plan, then some kind of window will open in front of you where you will be told that your payment has been successfully received, and now you can use the premium features.

After this, as soon as you open your Buff software again, you will see that the premium plan you have purchased will be visible on the bottom side of which premium plan you have purchased.

After this, as soon as you open the Challenge section in the Buff software, you will be able to see that the option of Buff Premium Challenge has become available for you as well as the symbol of Buff Premium Plan has come above your name.

Which shows that you have successfully purchased the premium plan.

The best feature of purchasing a premium plan is that after you go to the market section of the software, you will see the option to purchase all the products at a premium price in very few points.

Where you will be able to see that apart from the regular price of any gift card or game, you are being given a special premium price, which is a very good feature.

In this way, you can buy premium plans of the Buff and buy many games and gift cards from the Buff market at a very low price.