C0lddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

In this post we will share another Vulnhub Machine Walkthrough, C0lddBox: Easy, difficulty of the VM recommended for beginners users, it based on WordPress, If you want to play this machine you can download here this machine.

Network Scanning

Always we start with network scanning, let’s find the target machine IP address run the netdiscover command.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

As we saw in the netdiscover result, we found the target machine IP address, in my case my target machine IP is ( ) and our next step is scanning target machine ports and running services.

Our network scanning is complete and we have an open port 80/HTTP is open running Apache httpd service.


Let’s explore the target Machine IP address browser.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

After open the web page we confirm the CTF is based on WordPress, we try some basic stuff checking posts comment and reading source code, and try some common password but we couldn’t found anything useful.

Let’s run the wpscan for enumerating all user run the command.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

After the scan complete we get three users, c0ldd, hugo and philip, again we run the wpscan for password brute-forcing attack.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

After a minute we successfully crack the c0ldd user password let’s login with the WordPress panel and uploading our reverse shell.

Now we log in with c0ldd user we navigate the Plugins section and here we put our reverse shell, browser your reverse shell location, and click the install now button.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

If you get any error After upload the reverse shell ignore it because our shell is uploaded target machine uploads directory.

Let’s start our netcat listener and execute our reverse shell by navigating the upload URL, for executing the shell we use the curl command.

Finally, we have a sh shell target machine but the shell is not a bash environment let’s importing the spawn bash shell using the command.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

We move the WordPress installation directory and we read the MySQL DB_PASSWORD using the cat command. and we try to change our current user www-data to c0ldd user using the WordPress DB_Password.

Privilege Escalation

We run the Sudo -l command for checking sudo permission our current user and our user c0ldd can run three binary commands with the sudo permission. Let’s run the privilege escalation command.

ColddBox Vulnhub Walkthrough

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