WordPress Install Apache Server

WordPress install apache server for CTF Lab

First, need Ubuntu Server installation guide here WordPress Install Apache

Install apache2 web service and maria database server

Now mysql setup secure login

  • Enter current password for root: (your root user password)
  • Change the root password: n
  • Remove anonymous user: y
  • Disallow root login remotely: y
  • Remove test database and access to it: y
  • Reload privilege tables now: y

Now that MariaDB is installed Create Database for WordPress

  • create database ‘your-database-name;
  • create user ‘your-user-name’@’localhost’ identified by ‘password’;
  • grant all on your-database-name.* to ‘your-user-name’@’localhost’ identified by ‘user-password’ with grant option;
  • flush privileges;
  • exit

Database setup is complete now download WordPress you can download here WordPress latest link

Now unzip WordPress file to the apache root folder with unzip command -d mean destination

Ownership and permission change WordPress directory

Install the most important WordPress requrement PHP and PHP-MySQL

Now Setup WordPress on browser

Now connect your database name and password

  • Database Name: (your-data-base-name-hare)
  • Username: (your-database-user-name-here)
  • Password: (your-database-user-passowrd-here)
  • Submit

Run the installation

Now Configure your site name and user name for login WordPress and your email address

  • Site Title: (your site title here)
  • Username: (your WordPress user name here)
  • Password: (your WordPress user password
  • Confirm Password: (confirm password
  • your Email: (your mail address)
  • Install WordPress

After install now login here your WordPress password and username and customize your WordPress site

  • your log in url

This step is CTF Creator Follow the Step For IP address error change

Now got to your WordPress directory and open any editor wp-config.php file

and paste the code you can see the image file

And restart your apache server