Omegle IP Puller | Find IP Address Location using Omegle

Omegle is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to Register.

Today in this post we are going to show you the modern way of making an IP grabber all with javascript without any download, extensions, or Wireshark. As a bonus every single time you connect with someone on Omegle you’ll see the nicely parsed location data in real-time.

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The whole point of this post is to show you how insecure Omegle is and why you should not use Omegle But if still you use Omegle then make sure to use it with a VPN.

This uses WebRTC Technology which allows us to communicate with the other Omegle user in our web browser. We’ll be making two functions in order to get and display the IP Address to get in parse the IP Address and to get the general location mapped to the IP Address.

Part 1 : Parsing the IP Address

Find IP Address Location - Omegle

RTC peer connection allows us to connect maintain the connection with the other person on Omegle. Whenever we get an ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment ), Candidate. We want to parse the data associated with this we’ll pull the candidate information into an array and then we’ll access the IP Address.

Part 2 : Get the Location Data

Find IP Address Location - Omegle

We are going to make an API call every single time we parse an IP address in order to get the location info and make sure you are using HTTPS and choose a solid API.

We used IPG Location you can pretty much use anything else and just make sure it’s using HTTPS you want to pass in your API key and IP address into this URL string then we’ll make a fetch call and on the Response, we’ll parse the JSON.

We can use the es6 template literals to format our information nicely and lastly, we’ll log this to the console.

Find  IP Address Location - Omegle

Now to find the location You want to open the developer tools in browser of your choice.

Find Somone IP Address Location - Omegle

Then when you’re on Omegle. You only want to copy and paste the code into your Developer Tools Console area and click Enter.

Every new person you connect with it’ll show you the location.

5 Ways To Find IPs On Omegle

1. Find Someone’s IP Address on Omegle by JavaScript.

Most websites run on Javascript, and it allows web pages to include graphics, maps, videos, and other multimedia. You can obtain an IP address by using Javascript codes.

  • Start your chrome development tool.

This tool is an extension of the tools already available in your browser. This tool allows you to inspect animations and use the Console, and it also lets you run JavaScript. Click on the Chrome menu and select More tools. Then click Developer tools to open. Next, go to the Chrome menu.

  • Open Omegle

You will need to open Omegle and engage your target via video chat. After this, the device will begin sending you protocols, including their IP address, and the JavaScript console code will do the rest.

  • Run Console

A console is a chrome development tool that allows you to run JavaScript. Click here to open the tab, and then run the following code.

  • Get your IP Address

After running JavaScript, the IP address and the location of the Omegle contact will be generated.

This is a fast and accurate way to get someone’s IP address from Omegle.

2. Use Omegle IP Locator

There are many plugins available that can help us locate IP addresses and other locations. OmegleIP Locator is one of the most popular plugins, and this is how to use them to find an IP address.

  • Install the extension.

First, go to the Omegle IP Locator download page. Make sure you download the extension and then add it to your browser.

  • Chat with the target on Omegle.

After you’ve added the extension, you can start a conversation on Omegle with your target. Video chats are more reliable than text chats because the app can quickly access your data.

  • Find their IP address.

The caller information for your target will be sent to your computer when you start a video conversation with them. The extension captures the caller’s report, and you can see their IP address and whereabouts.

Omegle IP Locator is a great way to find someone’s IP address. This is a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use tool that requires very little computing knowledge.

3. Use Omegle IP Grabber

IP grabbers are the easiest and most popular way to obtain an IP address. These tools allow you to create a link and attach strings. The device will generate details such as their location, IP address, and other information if you send the link to anyone and open it.

Several IP grabbers are available, but we used the Grabify IP Logger for this example.

  • Select a link.

You will need to send a link and ensure your target clicks it to get an IP address. The link should contain information that is of interest to your target. You can send a video, song, or meme.

  • Cute a link.

Grabify will open a Grabify page. Please copy the link you selected earlier and paste it on the top. Click “create URL” to make a URL shorter and attach a string to find the target’s details.

  • Send the URL to the user.

This is the last step. Go back to Omegle, and then send the link to your target. You should establish a trusting relationship with the target and build trust. You can also convince them to click the link to your profile to obtain their details.

  • Find out the IP address.

Grabify will return to your target once they click the link. Enter the shortened code you have previously obtained in the space above the page. Wait for the IP grabber’s tracking code to generate all the information about your target.

For finding IP addresses, IP grabers are widely used, and they are reliable and take only a few seconds to locate someone’s IP address.

4. Use Command Prompt

Each windows computer has a command prompt. You can use it to type commands and control your computer. You can use the command prompt to access information about other people and their IP addresses.

  • Close all open apps.

Before using the command prompt, make sure you have closed all other running programs on your computer. This is important because the command prompt will automatically generate all IP addresses likely connected to your computer.

  • Join an Omegle Chat

Open the Omegle page with your browser and begin a conversation. Video could be more relevant than regular chat because it generates information quicker.

  • Type into a command prompt

There are two ways to open a command prompt. You can first go to the start menu and click on windows apps. Then, click on the command prompt. You can also click Win+R and type cmd to open the command prompt.

  • Enter your command.

To generate all IP addresses, enter “netstat-an.” This will allow the command prompt to display a list of all IPs connected to your computer. If you have closed any running apps before, Omegle’s target is the only IP address shown.

The command prompt is an effective method to get IP addresses, and it is free and available as a default on all Windows devices.

5. Use Wireshark

Wireshark allows you to analyze network protocols. It provides a detailed view of your network’s activities. It’s easy to get someone’s IP address if you have the app.

  • Download Wireshark

First, search for Wireshark and download it. To analyze network data, you can install it on your personal computer.

  • Choose a network device.

The app will ask you to select a network device when you open it. From the list on the page, you will need to choose the network device you want.

  • Choose the necessary protocols.

Once you select the network, the app will create many packages for your computer. Click on the search bar and type UDP. This will decrease the number of packets generated, and Omegle will undoubtedly be one of them.

  • Find your IP address.

To filter and trash unneeded packages, you must know your IP address. If you don’t know your IP address, open a command prompt and enter “ipconfig” to display it.

  • Start a conversation with Omegle.

Start a conversation on Omegle with your target. Video chats are more reliable as they generate all necessary protocols.

  • Analyze Wireshark data

You should be able to see your Wireshark window as you continue with the video chat. Some packets will be sent to your IP address, and you will see the Omegle IP address in the packages you receive.

Commonly asked Questions

Q. Can you be tracked on Omegle ?

Yes, other Omegle users you are talking to can use a packet sniffer such as Wireshark. … Your IP address would show up then they would use an online GeoIP locator service which would locate your country, city, area, and ISP information.

Q. Is Omegle safe from hackers?

The only information hackers can get from Omegle, without actually breaking into the Omegle servers, is your IP address and location.

Q.Why is Omegle so dangerous?

But in reality, with Omegle, it’s much riskier than that. This site isn’t just filled with innocent internet users looking to make friends. There have been very common instances of sexual predators, white supremacists, stalkers, and other explicit and dangerous people who use the site to prey on people.