Metasploit framework

Metasploit framework | Metasploit termux | meterpreter

A Metasploit framework is a tool used for penetration testing, post-exploitation, and privilege escalation a network vulnerability. A Metasploit framework is an open-source tool and it’s written in the Ruby language which means if you know the ruby language and you know how you can write exploit in ruby then you can contribute the Metasploit framework.

The Metasploit_framework contains more than 1677 exploits organized over 25 platforms, including Android, PHP, Python, Java, Perl, and more language tool. and this framework contains more than 500 payloads and 45 encoders.

Metasploit Important Terms


Weakness and flaw in the system which let an attacker compromise the system is called vulnerability. it is possible for network personnel or computer users to protect a computer from vulnerabilities regularly updating system and software security update patches.


An exploit is a purpose-built tool that takes advantage of a flaw in a computer system known as vulnerability. exploit code used to exploit the vulnerability or code used to compromise the target system.


The payload is the part of transmitted data that is the actual intended message. Headers and metadata are sent only to enable payload delivery. In the context of a computer virus or trojan, the payload is the portion of the malware which performs malicious action against the target.

What is Meterpreter

Meterpreter is a Metasploit attack payload that provides an interactive shell from which an attacker can explore the target machine and execute code.

Metasploit Framework Modules

Metasploit framework | metasploit termux | meterpreter
  • Encoders ==> 45
  • Payloads ==> 558
  • Exploits ==> 1973
  • Nops ==> 10
  • Auxiliary Scanner ==> 1085
  • Evasion ==> 7
  • Post-exploitation ==> 339
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