Instagram Download For PC

Today I will tell you how you can download and use Instagram social media application on your Windows computer and laptop. You can now use social media applications within Windows and many applications related to Android. Because now due to the new update coming by Microsoft, you can easily use the application score used in Android phones on the platform of Windows.

To download Instagram on your laptop or computer, first, you have to check that Windows should be updated. If you do not have Windows Update installed on your computer, then it is obvious that you will not have access to new updates from Microsoft.

For this reason, you will not be able to download Instagram, so keep in mind that to download Instagram to your Windows computer, you must first update your Windows.

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Instagram Download For PC 2021

After updating Windows, now you first open your search box and there but as soon as you write Microsoft Store, Microsoft’s official store will appear in front of you, here you have to click on the open button. So that the Microsoft Store will open and you can download Instagram.

Instagram Download For PC

After doing this, now you will see a search box on the home page of the Microsoft Store where you have to search Instagram. And then automatically all the applications related to Instagram will be shown in front of you, where you will also see the official Instagram. You have to click on the Official Instagram application.

Instagram Download For PC

After opening the application of Instagram, you will see an interface like this, here you can see that the Instagram application is absolutely free by Microsoft for the Windows platform and you can easily download and install it. To download Instagram, click on the given Get button.

Instagram Download For PC

As soon as you click on the get button, the Instagram will be downloaded automatically and after the Instagram is downloaded, it will automatically be installed on your Windows platform, this process may take some time to happen, so be a little patient.

Instagram Download For PC

As soon as Instagram is successfully installed on your Windows computer after downloading, you will see an interface like this where earlier the get button was visible, now there will be a launch button. This means that Instagram has been successfully installed on your computer, now click on the launch button to open the Instagram application.

As soon as you click on the launch button, the official application of Instagram will open in front of you, and here you can now log in by entering your username and password. In Windows, you can use Instagram in an even better way and enjoy all its features.

If you want to download any other application, then you can directly download the application in your Windows system through Microsoft Store.