How To Start a Blog For Free and Make Money

In this post we are going talk about How To Start a Blog For Free and Make Money online or How to Monetize our Blog using ad-sens.

Every single block post has the ability to teach something or the same and you can use this ability very well to reach more and more information and help people to overcome their problems.

To start a block, you have to first choose a topic on which you can reach your blogs to people.

How To Start a Blog For Free and Make Money

It is your choice on which topic you want to create your block. You should write a block on the topic in which you are very good and can reach people for that,

which will be very easy for you too and for the people reading this, they will get the fruits of their problems and people. Would enjoy reading your blog more.

When you create a very good and user friendly block, you can also earn money from your blog. Which has many ways. Either you can get any product advertised on your blog so that the owner of

that product can give you some money to run AIDS or you can join Google Adsense. Which can run ad score on your website and can give you some money with every click.

How to Earn Money Through Blogging

Make Money Using Adsense Or Ad Networks

Almost every blog runs ADS on their blog and earns money through Google Adsense itself. You can earn more money in Google Adsense only when good and more traffic is coming to your blog.

If your blog is getting less traffic then first of all you have to bring good traffic to your blog and then you can run ads with Google Adsense. You can earn good money.

You will be familiar with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a network that shows advertisements on your blog or on your website and then gives you some money for that thing. And if one of your readers clicks on the advertisements, then you are paid for it.

Google AdSense gives you money from $ 0.001 to $ 50 to show you ads. One article or more than one article on advertisements is known as CPC.

This means that you will get the money to display advertisements on your blog. And if any reader writes articles on their advertisements, then you will be paid.

How to Monetize Your Blog

Before adding your blog or website with Google Adsense, you have to take all these things into consideration.

  1. You have to keep in mind that your website should be custom in cards gTLD or ccTLD Never send your website or blog with a free domain for approval of Google Adsense like or else all friends domain.
  2. The domain of your website or blog should be more than 3 weeks old, otherwise, you will not get the approval of Google Adsense.
  3. You have to write at least 20 to 25 posts of 1000 words on your blog or website. And each post should have 1000 to 1200 words.
  4. Your website or blog needs to be fast. Such as privacy policy, contact us, and disclaimer policy.
  5. You will have to wait for three weeks to review it properly and if Google Adsense is not approved, then you have to check all the pages and posts of your entire website once and then return for 20 to 25 days. I want to apply for the approval of Google Adsense.
  6. If you do not get the approval of Google Adsense, then you can submit your website for approval in Google Adsense again.
  7. gives you money by providing advertisements in the form of bing, yahoo CPC and RPM.

The reality behind the ad network is that the more pages you have on your website or the more impressions and users will come, the more you can earn money.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money Using Affiliate Marketing

If you want to do affiliate marketing from your website, then you can earn a lot of good money. To do affiliate marketing, you have to create a website or blog on which you can write a review blog on top of any product of your choice and then put an affiliate link to buy related to that product.

That when any reader will buy this product from your affiliate link, then you will get two to 12 percent of that product.

How To Start a Blog For Free and Make Money

Many affiliate programs are run to do affiliate marketing such as

  1. Amazon Associate: Amazon’s affiliate program is very large
    popular compatible network, no matter what the user buys but if
    your reader visited Amazon using your link and made a purchase
    anything within 24 hours, you will be paid a commission in between
  2. Collaborative Hosting: This niche is very competitive but only if
    you can make a sale using your link from which you can earn money
    between $ 50- $ 80 depending on the hosting provider’s company.
  3. Click Bank: A collection of unique compatible products,
    you can approve your site with a click bank and you can start making it
    up to $ 75 or more per sale.
  4. CJ Collaboration: CJ Collaboration is a collection of 1000 products,
    you must register with CJ and you will receive a working link to
    product, which you can use on your website for promotion.

If you want to earn money from your blog or website, then you must first gather a very good and large number of users on your website or blog, and then you will see that you will automatically get offers from people and companies.

Those who will pay you to display their advertisements on your website and this money will be determined by the number of users who visit your website. If a large number of users come to your website, then you can benefit immensely and you can start a good business.

Bringing a lot of users to a website is not an easy thing, so first you have to create a user friendly website, in which you will have to write a post every day which makes good and easy work of people and solve their problems.

After this, you have to do SEO of all those posts so that all your posts get ranked in Google and if anyone searches on your website or keywords related to your post in Google,

then your post is at the top so that your website is good People will start coming in numbers and you will be able to earn very well by marketing AIDS or affiliate marketing.