Backup Windows 10 to USB

In this Article We are going Creating a backup windows 10 to USB, if you haven’t USB drive you can use your system Partition for creating backup windows 10.

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Why we need Backup Windows 10

We also recommend using multiple types of backups for maximum data security. if you store your important file on your computer, you’ll lose all files if your hardware is ever crashed stolen, and damaged your hard drive.

If you’ve never used Windows 10 Backup before don’t worry we cover everything in this article how to export your backup into your USB and External Hard Driver.

Let’s Start Backup Windows 10 To USB Drive

Set Up Storage Device

First, make sure you have an external drive and USB connected to your PC. You can use your other resources for creating backup windows 10 using the floppy flash drive, external drive, or Network Attached Storage drive.

If your drive connects to a computer, be sure you’ve connected the right drive to your computer because if the backup process is started once you can’t cancel it.

Set Up File History

first clicks the Start button, and go to Settings> Updates and Security> Backup, and then click Add a Drive under Backup File History Now you can see here your all external drives lists

Let’s Select the destination backup drive.

Backup Windows 10 to USB

now file history is enabled, click more options to set a few backup settings.

Backup Windows 10 to USB

Again Click the backup my files Dropdown menu and select your backup time and next choose how long you want to keep your backed up files I choose the default option Forever. I want to keep my backup files forever.

If you have low space you can go with other options.

Backup Windows 10 to USB

Manage Folders

By default, file history will begin to back up the selection of default folders, including Desktop, Downloads, Music, and more.

you can also remove and add other folders, if you want to add some more directory for creating automatic backup you can choose the Add a folder button.

And you can remove any folder from the backup, select your folder which you want to remove, and click the Remove button.

Backup Windows 10 to USB

Add custom Folder For Backup

You can add your custom folders by clicking the Add Folder button under the Back up these folders. From File Explorer, select any folders not included in the backup you wish to add.

create system image windows 10 on usb

Backup Files

When you’re done with the setup, click the Backup Now button at the top of the screen, and Windows will start backing up these files included in your backup set.

After your backup is complete, Windows shows the full size and date, and time of the backup.

Windows Backup Files Restore

Now, if that important file is lost or corrupted, you can use your File History backup to restore it. Go back to Settings> Updates and Security> Backup and click More Options again.

Scroll down to the backup file history window and click Restore files in the current backup link.

create system image windows 10 on usb

Windows displays all folders backed up File History. You may need to scroll through a few pages to find the file you want. Double-click the folder you want, then double-click the file to view it.

If it is the file you need, click the green button with a white arrow at the bottom of the window to retrieve the file.

create system image windows 10 on usb

If the file still exists in its original location, Windows asks you if you want to delete, skip, or compare both files. If the original file no longer exists, Windows automatically restores it to its original location.

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