How to Make Oxygen at Home

The biggest question at this time is that How is oxygen delivered in the hospital made? and how it has reached the hospital, today we will answer this question, during the ongoing epidemic, the patient has increased completely.

Due to lack of oxygen is seen in hospitals, but How to Make Oxygen at Home? This is the biggest question, then tell you that oxygen is in both water and air, but when a human becomes ill, then he lacks oxygen. Which is given to them by cylinders in hospitals, in which a special type of method is used to make oxygen.

How to Make Liquid Oxygen Industrial?

Let us tell you that the air contains 21% oxygen, 78% is nitrogen and in addition to 1% is from the same water, there is also oxygen in it, but humans cannot breathe in water. Oxygen in the plant separates the oxygen in the air.

For this, the technique of air pressure is used, that is, the air is compressed and the impurities are extracted after filtering, this air is cooled and after this, the air is distilled so that oxygen Liquid oxygen is made and transported to the hospital in such a way that it can be separated from the rest of the countries.

This oxygen capsule number is filled in the tanker and reached the hospitals. The oxygen is made continuously to reach the hospital patients to fill in the cylinder. After this oxygen is directly delivered to the patient, let us tell you that there are 10 to 12 big manufacturers in India who make oxygen gas plans and in this case, Gujarat Kolkata is the largest oxygen plant in Chennai.

How to Make Oxygen at Home?

How to Make Oxygen at Home? we need two things for it, Hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate oxidizes hydrogen peroxide to release more oxygen and a much larger amount of oxygen is released. You can collect all this oxygen and use it when the time comes.

Due to the increasing case of Covid-19, due to lack of oxygen in India, more and more people want that in which way How to Make Oxygen at Home? You should test this method only in a safe place or in a lab because the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate generates a lot of heat and the reaction releases a lot of oxygen so that you can get any harm.

To make oxygen at home, you have to first take a plastic can and then put hydrogen peroxide in it which is 30%. You can also purchase it from a medical store, it is six percent. After putting the hydrogen peroxide in plastic confinement.

You have to take a little potassium permagnet and after putting it in the plastic can, stand a little away from the cant. After this, you can see the reaction of both chemicals and during the reaction, you will see that a lot of oxygen is being created.

Note: To make oxygen by using both these chemicals, first of all, you will have to test, for which you have to create oxygen by putting these two chemicals in plastic confinement in a small amount so that you can get an idea of ​​its reaction. And then you can collect oxygen and use it in your household works by just rejecting both these chemicals in the same way.

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