Drupal Clean URL Problem Fix

How to fix drupal installation clean URLs problem time error

Today we are solving drupal cms installing many errors like drupal cleans URL follow them all step solving error

To test if mod_rewrite is available in Apache2, you can type the following at a command prompt, to list all installed Apache modules: Drupal Clean URL

see the policy here

Advantages of Clean URLs

Enable mod_rewrite for Apache. You can talk to your web host or consult the Apache documentation for mod_rewrite to get more information on how to do this.

At a minimum, this will involve making sure that mod_rewrite is enabled for your

installation of Apache.

Clean URL Fix drupal installing

Clean URLs
Your server is capable of using clean URLs, but it is not enabled.

Using clean URLs gives an improved user experience and is


After creating a profile you see the error requirements review warnings found clean urls

Drupal Clean URL

Now solving this our fist step is open our apache configuration file any editor I am using vi editor you chose any editor

after opting the file we see our file looks like this image now some Change the line AllowOverride None to all

And restart our apache server and refresh the website

Drupal Clean URL

now your Problem is fixed go to your next step enter your database username and password

How to install drupal without any problem link here