Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost Web Hosting

Today I will tell you how you will add your custom domain to the Profreehost Web Hosting and create a WordPress account on it, all these processes are going to be perfect, so you will not face any problem.

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Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost

Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost

First of all, you have to go to the Profihost website and log in with your account, after that you have to select the option of DNS so that the DNS records of your account are exposed to you.

Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost

After clicking on the DNS records you will see the name servers that you have to copy and change these nameservers to the nameservers of your custom domain so that your hosting and your custom domain connect with each other.

Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost

To change the nameservers of a custom domain, you have to go to the website from where you purchased the domain and then select the domain of which you want to change the nameservers of the domain.

After selecting the domain, you will see the option of a name server, you have to open it. And then some such interface will come in front of you.

Here you have to select the second option I will use my own domain nameservers and then paste both the name servers copied from the Profreehost website here and again Click on the button above.

Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost

After doing this, a popup of this way will open in front of you, here you have to tick the checkbox and click on the Continue button so that the name server you

have changed will be saved in some time and you will Be able to add the domain to your hosting on the Profihost website.

After that, you have to go back to your Profihost website and open the cPanel. After opening the cPanel you have to go to which section of the addon dormant and come here and enter the name of the custom domain that you want to add.

And then click on the button in Addo to add a custom domain to your website.

As soon as you change the nameservers of your custom domain, you may take 24 hours or 72 hours to save your nameservers. Until the name servers of your custom domain are updated,

You will not be able to add your custom domain to the Profihost website. My nameservers have been updated only after 5 to 6 hours after inserting the name server, it may take more time, so you do not get upset and wait for some time.

After this, you have to add the custom domain from the back and you will get a message of this way where you are being told that your custom domain has been successfully added to the control panel.

Now you can add any website above this custom domain. You can create and use it easily. Add Custom Domain To The Profreehost.

Time of FAQs

Can we manually add a custom domain?

Yes, you can add your own domain to this website without any hassle, and on the domain, you can install any website designing platform like WordPress. To add your own domain to this website, you have to change the name server of this website with the name server of your domain so that both the website and the domain are connected to each other.

Can I use one hosting account for two domains?

Yes, you can add and use two different domains on the same web hosting and install any web designing platform on both Domains like WordPress. To add both in the same hosting, you have to go to the hosting’s Cpanel and go to the section of addon domains where you have to fill in the new domain name and then the further process will be told to you there that how you can How to do that posting and add your custom domain.

Can I buy hosting without a domain name?

If you want to buy web hosting without purchasing a domain name then you can do this easily. All web hosting companies give their web hosting as a single pack to you at a very low price, where you can design your website by adding your own domain. If you want to buy postings then you can use all these platforms where you will get a great speed web hosting at a very good price like Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Namecheap, Godaddy, etc.