Free Web Hosting With Cpanel Every Thing Free

Today I will tell you how you can get Free Web Hosting With Cpanel Every Thing Free. Free web hosting for a lifetime and earn a lot of money by installing your WordPress website on it, in this web hosting.

You do not have to pay any kind of money here. But you will get everything for free.

Through this web hosting, you will be able to use your website easily by connecting any of your custom domains, or you can create your website by using the subdomains provided by this website for free.

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Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

To purchase free web hosting and domain for a lifetime, first of all, you have to open your browser and then search ( Pro Free Host ). The first result that will come to you after searching is that you have to open it this way.

This is an official website that gives you free subdomains and web hosting for a lifetime, inside which you get many good features with unlimited storage and bandwidth. They are given absolutely free.

Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

Here you can see what are the features in this website that are given to you free of cost and which you can use for free for a lifetime.

In all these features you are given a subdomain which you can easily design a very good website by connecting it with your WordPress website. If you want to add your custom domain, you can do that easily here too.

Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

To get lifetime free hosting on this website, first, you have to create an account, for which you have to click above the Register Now button. And from here you will be able to create an account.

Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

After this, you will have to enter the mail address here and at the same time you will have to enter a password, after this, you will have to click on the submit button below so that your account is created.

Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

After this, a notification of this way will appear in front of you, which means that a verification mail will be sent to the mail address given by you, by which you have to open and verify that this mail is yours.

Free Web Hosting With Cpanel

After this, you will receive a mail on the given mail address, which will look something like this, here you will see the button of the active account, you have to click on it and your account has to be activated.

After clicking on the active account, you will be redirected to a page where you will see the button of Create New Account, you have to click on it and create an account.

After this, you have to select a subdomain name. On this website, you can get an unlimited subdomain for free. And you can also add any of your custom domains here but first, we will register one subdomain here.

As soon as you create a subdomain, then you have to process something in such a way that here you have to click on the Manage button on the right corner so that you can manage the domain created.

After this, some such interface will open in front of you, where a control panel is being created in the domain you have chosen, after creating it, you will be able to easily access the domain and create a website.

After installing the control panel successfully, you will see an option this way where you have to click above the control panel so that you can install and use WordPress or other platforms inside Domina.

After opening the control panel, you can see that our domain has been successfully created, and now we can install and use any platform above this

domain and you will see in the right corner that all the things you have unlimited here So that you will not have any problem and all these things are absolutely free.

Time of FAQs

How can I host my website for free with cPanel?

If you want to create any of your websites and for that, you need free web hosting, then you can visit where you get a grand sting for free for a lifetime, along with this you will get a control panel here. It is also given by which you can therefore modify your website and at the same time you can access all the databases of your website very easily. Here, along with free web hosting, many other services are also provided for free, even on this website you are given unlimited disk space along with free web hosting, inside which your data remains secure.

Should I buy a domain from Google?

Yes, you can also purchase a domain through Google, for which you will have to pay more than the website selling the rest of the domain, but you get very good services here and here you get full support if in your village or else If there is a problem in anything provided by Google, then all the solution is given to you by the employee of Google. You can easily add domains purchased by Google on Google’s own platform without any verification.

What is free website hosting?

Free website hosting is such a platform where you can also create your website easily and to save the file of the website’s file score and data, you are given storage for which you are not charged anything. It happens for you absolutely free. And by using it, you can learn a lot of things easily. Free web hosting and tree web hosting are very different, in free web hosting you get some services or some products in limited quantity, but when you take any Paid hosting, you are given the option that you can get any service. You want to take them and you have to pay the price for those services.