What is the Full form Of a Computer?

What is a computer definition?

In this article, you’ll know the Full Type of Pc, the straightforward definition of pc, how does pc work, the block diagram of pc, sorts of pc, Makes use of pc, {hardware}, and software program in a pc, full type of ALU, CPU, and many others., and generally used acronyms.

what is a full form of computer
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A pc is a digital machine that helps with arithmetic and logical calculations.

The pc is especially contained arithmetic and logical unit i.e ALU.this digital machine comprises reminiscence additionally. Which helps to retail knowledge. computer systems might be digital, analog, and hybrid primarily based on know-how.

There are other computer systems additionally Supercomputers, private computer systems, desktops, laptops,  and many others.

The pc can be thought of as a programming machine as a result of it can not do something without this system. It takes uncooked knowledge from the person as an entry course and produces output to the person.

Full form of Computer.

The Full Form of Computer is a Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Educational Research.

C – Commonly

O – Operated

M – Machine

P – Particularly

U – Used for

T – Technical

E – & Education

R – Research