Update Your Latest PHP Version in WordPress Namecheap

Today I will tell you how you can update Your Latest PHP Version on WordPress [Highly Recommended] website. Due to the PHP version, there are many such features in your website that are not working well, so you have to keep the PHP version updated on your WordPress website.

Whenever you take a new Cpanel, most of the problem comes in it that while installing WordPress, you do not have permission to read and write the PHP version and file score related to WordPress, then all these things you have to update first after taking the control panel.

If these things are not updated, then there are many errors in the WordPress installed by you, to fix which you have to update the PHP version in the Cpanel.

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What Is Cpanel?

Cpanel is a web-based Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a management panel to simplify website and server administration. cPanel lets you publish websites, handle domains, set up net information, create email accounts, and extra.

how to update php version in cpanel.

First of all, whenever you change a Cpanel and install WordPress in it, you see a notification like this whenever you log in to your WordPress dashboard. To remove this notification and update your PHP version, you have to update the PHP version through Cpanel.

First of all, you have to log in to your Namecheap account from where you will be able to access all your domain and hosting. After this, you have to select the posting list option, where a list of the postings you have purchased will appear from where you can make any changes in any hosting.

After the posting list appears, in whichever hosting you want to update the PHP version, you have to click on the Go to Cpanel button on the right corner of that hosting. So that you will enter the C panel of posting. From where you will be able to easily access all the problems and features related to your hosting.

As soon as you enter the Cpanel of your hosting, you will see an interface like this, from where you can access all the features related to posting and can easily make any changes in all of them.

As soon as you enter the Namecheap in the Cpanel, then you have to go to the section of software at the bottom where you will see the option of select PHP version. You have to open this option, through this option you will be able to easily update the PHP version in your web hosting and in WordPress.

After selecting the option of PHP version, you will get an interface like this, from where you can easily convert your PHP version to any other PHP version, here the PHP version with the highest number is the newest, then you have to He has to be selected.

After selecting the new PHP version, you should save the selected PHP version so that the notification of the PHP version in your entire Cpanel and in the installed WordPress will be removed and the PHP version in your WordPress is updated.