What is e-RUPI? – How does e-RUPI work? – Which nations have them?

Note => “e-RUPI is one of the government’s attempts, and the successful deployment of e-RUPI can boost India’s GDP by 14 percent, which sounds very promising for a better future of Indian economy,” he added.

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What is e-RUPI
What is NPCI?

NPCI ( National Payments Corporation of India ) is a type of corporation. The NPC organization was formed in India in December 2018. Which controls the transaction of money in a digital way. NPCI keeps an account of online transactions and controls all online transactions and there are many platforms that are created by NPCI. All online transactions used by NPCs in India-related applications and all transactions that are taking place are kept.

What is e-RUP?

A new currency has been launched in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which has been named e-RUPI. e-RUPI is a one-way gift voucher service that has been launched in India on 2nd August 2021. e-RUPI is a kind of message and QR code that will be sent by the government to those people who need it, this QR-code and message will contain some money which will be helpful for the person to get the material he needs. Now bribery in India is going to be very less through this service. Through e-RUPI, now any person to whom the government wants to provide service in the form of rupees will be able to provide service to that person directly. In the midst of this whole process, the bribery employees will no longer be involved, due to which the people will be able to get the full benefit of the service provided by the government.

How does e-RUPI work?

To use e-RUPI service. You will get an s.m.s. from the bank. And QR code will be provided in which you can tell by filling in the proper reason for which content you want to use this SMS QR code. And for that material, you can get that QR code made, in which you will also have to determine how much QR code you want to make for that material. Once the QR-code is created, you can give this QR code to the person to whom you want to give this material and when that person reaches the shop, he will buy the material after giving this QR code to the shopkeeper. Will be able to Keep in mind that only the content for which this QR code is made, you can buy the same content with this QR-code otherwise this QR code will not work in any other store.

Difference Between e-RUPI and UPI?

You can call e-RUPI a new version of UPI because both are platforms where you get the facilities of digital transactions. Through both these services, you can easily transfer your money to any other person by phone only. UPI was created on 11 April 2016. And e-RUPI has been created on 2nd August 2021. There are many differences between e-RUPI and UPI. Through UPI, you could directly transfer your money to someone else’s bank account so that he could use that money for any goods and services, but through e-RUPI, you can not do all these things. Because in e-RUPI service an SMS and QR code is generated which you can use later only for the reason given at the time of creation. If you have created a QR code for any material while creating QR-code, then you will be able to buy the same material through QR-code, you cannot use this QR code for any other material.

Which nations have them?

There are United States, South Korea, and many such countries where services like e-RUPi are used. e-RUPi is used by different companies operating in all these countries. If any company gives some money to any of its employees for any machinery or other material, then it uses a voucher service like e-RUPi, due to which the employee is not able to misuse the money given and for which work. Money has been given, only that money can be used for that work.
e-RUPi is also used for education in many countries where you can comfortably pay for education-related material and your education expenses by using services like e-RUPi.