cpulimit Privilege Escalation Linux

How to exploit sudoers entry cpulimit command Sudo Privilege Escalation

Our first step is Setup cpulimit Privilege Escalation sudoers file entry

It allows a system administrator to interrupt the execution of a process (or process group) if the CPU/system load goes beyond a defined threshold. Here, we will learn how to use a similar tool called cpulimit.

Cpulimit is used to restrict the CPU usage of a process in the same way as CPUTool, however, it offers more usage options compared to its counterpart. One important difference is that cpulimit doesn’t manage system load unlike CPU tool

I add a user hacker for testing and id command to check hacker user group-id and user-id and check our new user for sudo command with sudo su and see the error is user hacker is not allowed to execute /bin/bash as root

Sudo su command we see user hacker is now allowed to execute /bin/su

cpulimit privilege escalation

For lag setup sudoers rights privilege escalation

Now open your sudoers file this command for adding our user sudoers file for cpulimit root

cpulimit privilege escalation

Privilege Escalation cpulimit

CPUlimit: cpulimit is a simple command-line CPU control application of Linux

After run, the command got a root shell check with the id command

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