WordPress 2 Factor Authentication

Today I will tell you how to install 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) in WordPress to secure your WordPress website and how to secure your website from a hacker. This whole process is going to be exactly the same, so you will not face any problems.

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WordPress 2 Factor Authentication Plugin

First of all, you have to come to your WordPress dashboard and hover above the flag in the section, and click on the Add New button so that you will be able to install a new plugin in your WordPress.

WordPress 2 Factor Authentication

After this, you have to search in the search outside (Tow Factor) and then a plugin of this way will open in front of you, you have to install it and then activate it. With this plugin, you can enable two-factor authentication in your WordPress.

WordPress 2 Factor Authentication

After this, you have to go to the user’s section and then click on your profile button. So that your login user’s profile will open.

WordPress 2 Factor Authentication

After this, you have to scroll a bit and then the option of this way will be shown in front of you, here you have to tick the email section so that an OTP will be sent before login on the given email. If you fail that OTP, you will still be able to login to your website. You can also change this mail.

Here we log out of our WordPress and login back in to see if two-factor authentication is working correctly.

You can see that after entering the login user and password, we are now asking for a verification code that has been sent on the given email.

Now you have to open your email and then an email from WordPress will be displayed in front of you. Which is a verification mail.

You have to open the mail and then copy it to the court which is a verification code.

After that, you have to come back to the WordPress login and then paste the copied court here and then click on the above login button.

After that, you will be successfully logged into your WordPress and your WordPress website is now Two-factor authentication will be secured.

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