vestacp install on ubuntu linux server

How to install Vestacp on Ubuntu Server AWS ec2 t2.micro machine

Vesta is an easy to use open-source web hosting control panel. It has everything needed to manage a web hosting server. You will be able to work with users, domains, databases, cron jobs and mail accounts. Vesta Control Panel can be an excellent choice for your server. vestacp install on ubuntu

1. The First step is Download vestacp script on your Ubuntu Server using the curl command

curl -o

After Complete the Download now run the command my user in normal user I am using the command with sudo sh and our script name ( -f to forcefully )

sudo sh -f

After starting the setup script we see a message for the admin email address type your email address and enter the second option is hostname put your hostname and Enter

  • Would you like to continue: Y
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Server hostname:
vestacp install on ubuntu server

and we see a message installation time wait 15 minutes

vestacp install on ubuntu server

Our step is completely done we see our login panel URL and login username and password

vestacp install on ubuntu server

After Opening this login page URL browser we see an https error click the advanced button and Accept the Risk and Continue
vestacp install on ubuntu server

log in with your credential your case your username is same and password is different

  • Username:
  • Password:
vestacp install on ubuntu server

Our control panel is log in now set up your domain and DNS address

Chaing the default login password

After type the password and scroll down and click the save button.

vestacp install on ubuntu server

Login the terminal with ssh connection using sudo passwd change your admin password

vestacp install on ubuntu server

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