PubG Mobile Urban AND Coming Soon With New India Version

PubG Mobile Urban Coming Soon With New India Version


A lot of new stories related to PUBG are coming out that a lot of modifications are being done inside PUBG and PUBG Corporation has told that it will be launched in India by the name of PUBG India which is probably in a few days from the festival season. I will come

Pubg Corporation has given new updates in which they have said that the tencent company which was running Pabg in India till now broke all relations and now the pubg office will be released in All India, which will be server by India only. And all the data is all that will be saved in India and its security will be kept.

Not only is the Corporation now told that now that the new pubic is going to be released, but Microsoft also will not handle Tencent in the name of Pubg India and now it will be handled. And whatever number of its services will be stored, all the data will now be handled by Microsoft Corporation.

No release date is yet to be known as to when pubg Mobile India is going to be launched in India but it is coming soon which will be released on the festive season or thereafter. Whatever data will be related to Pabg India, it will be exclusively in All India, no other country will handle it.

Pubg India Version Special is being released because there are many people in India who use Play Pabg, they like to play Pubg, almost all the games which are like Pabg, so the India version of Pabg is removed Used to be. Which according to me is also fine. For this reason, the demand for Pubg is very high in India.

The Pubg Corporation has also made it clear that out of all the employees who will be employed to operate Pubg India, Hundred Employees will be kept in India. Which they will closely work with all friends and corporate with the government and it will be checked here that whether India’s date is safe or not, India’s data will be saved exclusively in India and Employee You can also type with many companies that provide storage solutions providers.

Many things will be customer-made inside Pubg India, which will be according to the people of India, such as the costume or its options or maps or even maps. It is being told that a map will be taken from the maps that are going to come inside Pabg from India, which will be the location of a special India which can be a hill area. And if updates of the same method will come out, then this game can be even more famous because every other person in India plays Pubg.

In the middle all the pubg was closed because now the pubg India version is coming for India, so all the people who will be running in the form will be connected to some other servers, the official for India has just become a Ban. is.

To run Pubg India Version, it will be typed with a lot of companies in India as was done with the release of Other Games.