Pubg ka baap

Pubg ka baap – Pubg game is being played in India for a long time, and looking at the pubg game, many such companies have launched their different games in the market like pubg but do you know pubg ka baap kaun hai or kyo.

Pubg ka baap is a very famous game, the number of people playing it is increasing day by day, although some time ago by the Government of India and by the government of many countries, the game was banned in their respective countries, but now the PUBG game Has come back in the market. Pubg ka baap game has been launched in India under a new name.

Pubg ka baap
Pubg ka baap

Why was PUBG banned in India?

Pubg ka baap : Many different reasons are being given to banning PUBG in India. It is kept, and the people of China handle all the data of the people of India. The Pubg ka baap game was banned in India due to the personal information of the people of India being with the people of China.

But when this news fell in the company’s ears that made the Pubg ka baap game, they requested the Government of India not to ban our game to their country. The Government of India told the Pubg Corporation that the user of India stopped all the data.

Now China will not keep the country, all the data will be held in the country itself, and there will be no such content in the Pubg ka baap game launched in India, which is related to the country of China.

For this reason, PUBG Corporation had banned the PUBG game in India for a few days to make a new Pubg game for all Pubg players of India, which does not contain any content of China country and today Pubg game in India. Corporation has made a new Pubg ka baap game for the people of India named Battlegrounds Mobile India.

pubg ka baap kaun hai | pubg ka baap kon h

Pubg ka baap : Now many games like PUBG have been made all over India, due to which the question is arising in the minds of people that who is the father of PUBG? Many people play pubg games in India, and many people play other games like Pubg ka baap game like free fire.

Now two such big games have come face to face in India, which people like to play, whose names are PUBG and Free Fire. But now a question has come to people’s minds about both these games: which of the two games is the best and who is whose father and why?

But let us tell you that both of these have been made for different types of players. Pubg ka baap game is a bit high graphic game, due to which PUBG runs easily in some expensive phones, but if we talk about the same thing, then Free Fire.

One is a low graphic game, due to which it runs easily in budget phones, but today both types of people live in India, some who have money available to buy big phones but many people have expensive phones. There is no money to buy, due to which he dislikes PUBG game and plays free fire game and that is why the question is arising in the minds of people that which game is good.

If seen, both the games are doing very well in their respective fields, but if we look at the people’s experience and look at which game people play the most, then the Pubg ka baap game shines, for this reason, we will give you a chance. Let us tell you that there is no father of PUBG game. PUBG game itself is a massive game, the number of people playing it is increasing in India today.

What is the full form of pubg?

Pubg ka baap : The full form of PUBG is Player Unknown Battleground. If we tell you why this is the full form of Pubg ka baap game, the best answer would be that 100 people can play in this game, out of which 99 people are your anime except you.

In this game, all the people are landed by airplane on a huge map where the player gets a lot of guns and different types of weapons, after collecting all the people have to fight with each other. And in the last, the last player who survives on the map wins the game and after winning it is called Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Pubg ka baap Game is played not only in India but also in many countries, the number of people playing pubg game is increasing day by day, due to which if seen today, the number of downloads of pubg game across the world has reached one billion. Is.

And since this game has been launched back in India, ever since the number of people playing PUBG game has reached 20 million, PUBG is a very high graphic game, due to which it is very quickly its place among the people. has made

Which game is the father of Pubg?

Pubg ka baap : When I found that many people are searching in Google for who is the father of Pabji, then I felt that people are still sitting in their mind about this question because Pubji Ka Baap can be that game. More attractive features are off than the PUBG game, and the number of people playing the game is more, and some games that compete with PUBG have been made today.

If considered in a way, Free Fire can be called the father of PUBG because Free Fire is a game that is exactly like PUBG and after the ban of PUBG game in India. There are quite a few people who had shifted to the Free Fire game and have started liking this game as well.

pubg ka baap kon hai

Pubg ka baap : Free fire is the biggest alternative of pubg, due to which everyone calls free fire the father of pubg. Still, if seen, it is not because free fire is a low graphic game where you do not get a much better user experience.

Still, on the other hand, pubg is a high graphic game where people can enjoy the game as per their wish. Today, it would be wrong to say that Free Fire is the father of PUBG because when PUBG was launched, there was not even a mention of Free Fire.

If seen, there is no talk of Pubg, but the father of Free Fire can be called Pubji because Pubg was first launched, and it created a buzz among the people as soon as it came and got many people involved with it. Even today, people like PUBG more than Free Fire because of this game there are many tournaments in the whole country or all over the world where people can show their art.

On the other hand, if seen Free Fire does not have many tournaments all over the world, due to which this game lags behind PUBG, then the question does not arise that Free Fire is the father of PUBG. Instead, we can say that PUBG is the father of Free Fire.

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