ls command Linux | ls command in Unix

Today I will tell you how you can use the Kali Linux in ls command and where it is used. ls command in Linux, ls meaning, ls commands in Unix, Linux list directories

ls command Linux is mostly using list ls is a Linux shell command that lists directory contents of files and directories command is mostly using the list. The ls utility is a part of the GNU core utility package

which is installed on all Linux distributions.

try with an example.

I type ls and ls command output simple list of our directory and file

  • ls -l explain with an example
ls command
  • 1 – Permission
  • 2 – contents of directory and files
  • 3 – who owner this file
  • 4 – Group name of the file
  • 5 – Data size of the file
  • 6 – Create Data and time
  • 7 – Filename

explain ls –lah

ls command

ls -a – show. hidden file Linux ls -h – means human-readable formate ls -lah – means all file include hidden file and permissions and human-readable

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There are many more ways to use the ls command but the ones I know are the best ways to use the ls command if you want to know more about the ls command by clicking on the link above and You can know about it.

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