Valorant Patch Note 2.04 Changes to Competitive Mode

Valorant Official Patch Note 2.04 Changes to Competitive Mode.

Valorant upgrades that will bring Act 2 of episode 2 to live servers are right around the corner.

With the official notes of the Valorant 2.04 patch, Riot will not only be looking to introduce the new agent Astra, but also a huge number of changes to making the game competitive again.

There will be new requirements to access Radiant in this game, and more middle-aged players will not be forced to go to the lower rank at the start of the new Act. In addition, there will be some changes to the game mode.

Valorant fans who want a detailed description of the clip can check out the official Riot website.

In a nutshell, here are all the highlights.

Valorant Patch 2.04: Full Patch Notes

1. Valorant Agent Updates

Astra is going live!
Active Map Update


  1. The exit doors of the Bind Teleporter are now permanently blocked – if you want to camp, get ready to fight for it!
  2. There has been a frustrating plan around where the team will get control of the middle of the TP and… never leave. The opposition party could not have honestly resisted it without making a “5 person of YOLO TP”, or by getting lucky and advancing to the level of nade and explosion. \
  3. We like to focus on this area (you will always get a fight here!), But it can feel inappropriate if you are not a party within TP. With this change, we aim to give you the opportunity to argue with the app sender by preventing others from blocking the game.
  4. Bind pick rate is also measured equally
  5. During Patch 2.03 we reduced the Bind Escalation selection rate. We get it back to normal levels, but if Bind continues to bother playing, we’ll look to change its pick rate again and then head back to the drawing board.

2. Valorant Competitive Updates

This episode marks the beginning of episode 2 of Competitive: Act 2!

Valorant Official Patch Note 2.04 Changes to Competitive Mode.
  1. The setting has changed at the beginning of the Act. Now, if you’ve already posted this episode, then:
  2. Your rating will not be reduced at the beginning of the Act
  3. If you were a former Radiant or Immortal you would retain your position on the board of directors, but your Rank (RR) rating would be reduced by 90% and all Radiant players would be downgraded to Immortal, as you would have to re-demonstrate that the best very much in the new Law.
  4. Achieving Radiant now requires both of them to be in the top 500 players in your region, as well as having a low RR value (See below for details).
  5. You must complete your placement game to be displayed on the leaderboard and with the new rule
  6. You only need to play 1 placement match to show your level
  7. Your RR (and potential level) may change depending on how well you are performing in your placement game, but the major changes will be based solely on that game.
  8. Players who have not previously entered Competitive this episode will still need to play 5 placement games to get their first position.

Radiant will be a big challenge to find. You must earn a certain RR level before you can upgrade to Radiant. These adjustments per region are based on population size and RR distribution.

  1. Radiant regional requirements are determined:
  2. LATAM & KR: 100 RR
  3. BR: Average of 200
  4. NA & APAC: 300 RR
  5. EU: 400 RR
  6. The web leader board will be temporarily disabled for maintenance at the beginning of this episode, expect it to be re-enabled within 24-48 hours
  7. Later this pool, will reduce the total amount of RR for each win/loss by 5
  8. This focuses on reducing how often the Player Level reaches their MMR level and leads to RR matches that do not correspond to the wide range between their level shown by MMR. These small statistical changes will become commonplace as we try to find the right balance of RR based on the problems we see in society.
  9. With this episode, we will change the idea of ​​downgrading players starting at 70RR (Formerly 80RR).
  10. See context above
  11. Positions will no longer be displayed in agent selection or match. You will still be able to see the levels at the end of the game screen.
  12. You can now join the queue with a wider group of friends and group partners if you are at a lower level (see image below)
  13. At lower levels we have a much higher value for you in our matching pool, so we are confident we can make a balanced balance. As you go up, you will find a strong diversity to ensure that we continue to maintain a fair go and protect the competitive integrity of the elite.
  14. We also hope that this helps in fighting crack cuts by reducing the incentive to create a new gaming account with low-level friends.

3. Valorant Quality of Life changes

  1. Tactical Voice Over added
  2. In practice to improve team interaction and information sharing, we have added a lot of context to some of the default Agent VO lines playing in the middle ground.
  3. Publisher lines like “Spike spotted” or “Enemies spotted” will also map “Super Region” afterward. (e.g., “Spike spotted C” or “Enemies spotted B”).
  4. We hope to provide the player with rich information on these changes. Tactical VO is not designed to replace full comm comms, so callouts will be volume up when a colleague talks about VOIP.
  5. All in all, we hope this helps to improve the quality of information that groups that do not use the most comms can expect. We also believe that this will improve the knowledge of those players who have silenced another player for any reason.
  6. Additionally, we have added the option to insert Tactical VO messages in the Chat window.
    Modifications to this option are available under accessibility options. With this enabled, when the Tac VO lines are created, a Chat message will be sent.
  7. The lines were changed to better communicate who said what. For example, instead of Sova verbally saying “Enemy spotted B”, the chat message will read “Sheva spotted the ENEMY in B “.
  8. Tactical VO FAQ
  9. VO plan will not be enabled by modes
  10. The VO plan can be disabled by modification
  11. A VO-enabled VO device can be disabled by modification
  12. Tactical TO messages can be enabled by conversion
  13. The upgraded client is rated at 3% on average for mid-range and high-performance 10-player games, by improving asset management

Critical Debug Correction

  1. Fixed a bug that caused the custom game server to drop continuously
  2. Constant parts of Reyna’s Soul Orb’s response to the assassination of non-players
  3. Fixed Reyna’s Soul Orb timeline doesn’t quite match its real-time
  4. Fixed obstacles when teleporting enters the narrow areas created by Sage’s wall with Omen’s Shrouded Step mounted on the wall
  5. Inactive active indicators for Killjoy, Cypher, Brimstone, Sage, Breach, Jett and Viper