Guide To Building The Ultimate Gaming Room

Meta: Taking the plunge and setting up a dedicated gaming room is straightforward and fun with our easy-to-follow guide.

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and up your gaming— game. Congrats! You’re about to have a very cool space to get even more into your favorite games. There are a lot of components to an awesome gaming room but don’t worry, follow along with our guide, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Building Ultimate Gaming Room

Gaming Computer – Building Ultimate Gaming Room

The heart and soul of your gaming room, your gaming computer will be the single most crucial element. It’s essential to get the proper setup off the bat so that you can avoid extra costs from having to replace or upgrade too soon. Also, starting with a dialed-in gaming computer will give you a great foundation to build from and add on to. Whether you’re buying a pre-assembled system or building your own, there are certainly important factors to consider.

1. Monitor

What you see is the experience you get when you’re gaming, so the quality of your monitor matters a lot. The size of the monitor that’s best for you will depend on the size of your space and the desk that you’ll be able to fit. Before you commit to buying a specific monitor, ensure that your space will accommodate it while also allowing you room for the other components that you’ll need to fit in.

If you’re not starting from scratch and already have a monitor, this could be an excellent time to look at upgrading or replacing your old one so that you have a fresh and sharp experience.

2. Mouse

A gaming mouse is a very personalized choice, the one that best suits you will be dependent on the way you prefer to grip your mouse, how quick your hand movements are, and what style of games you play. In general, if you find yourself using the claw grip where your palm is behind the mouse and your hand is in a claw shape, a smaller mouse might be more comfortable for you. If you’re looking for more sensitivity in your movements, look for a mouse with a DPI around 2,000 or higher or one that offers a range of DPIs.

3. Mouse Pad

Your mouse pad likely won’t make or break your gaming experience, but it’s a cool way to make your battle station look slick! There are several options depending on what type of surface you prefer; check out this article for some of 2021’s best options.

4. Keyboard

Unlike your mousepad, your keyboard isn’t just for looks. If you’re gaming on a standard PC keyboard now and finding that you’re not seeing all of your keystrokes translate into actions, you might be a victim of ghosting. No, your keyboard isn’t trying to disappear on you, don’t worry. Ghosting refers to the ability of most standard keyboards only to register one or two keystrokes simultaneously. Any additional keystrokes are lost or ghosted. Among many other features that make them more durable and responsive, one of the most significant differences going from a standard keyboard to a gaming keyboard is that gaming keyboards are equipped with the ability to register at least six simultaneous keystrokes. So, take some time and research more in-depth what the best keyboard options are for you because it matters!

5. GPU

If you’re really getting serious, adding an upgraded graphics card to your battle station can take your gaming experience to the next level. Prices for top-of-the-line GPUs aren’t for the faint of heart, though, so beware if you decide to dip your toe into these waters.

6. Storage

As far as storage goes, your biggest consideration upfront is whether to go with a hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD). Overall, SSDs are newer and more advanced tech. Generally considered worth the investment, SSDs will take your boot time on massive games from minutes to seconds. While they do cost more than the traditional HDDs do, the price tags are much lower overall than GPUs so that you won’t be in for the same type of sticker shock.

7. CPU AMD vs. Intel

The debate is on right now on the virtues of the Intel i9 11900K with its higher price point versus the new AMD Ryzen 9 5900X competing for the top spot in the cutting edge world of gaming tech. Of course, you don’t need to go with one of the most powerful CPUs out there – there are plenty of great options that will keep you gaming without breaking the bank.

Gaming Chair – Building The Ultimate Gaming Room

If you’ve ever stood up from your battle station and felt like you were 200 years old because of all of your various aches and pains, you need a new gaming chair. If you haven’t had that experience yet and you’re not using a gaming chair, be proactive! Our backs comprise many muscles that are highly influenced by how we sit, the angles of our arms, necks, etc. Ergonomics is an essential factor to take into account, especially for marathon gaming sessions. Below are some key considerations to think about when choosing the best gaming chair.

Directional Armrests – Make sure the armrests on the chair you choose are multi-directional. This allows you to turn them in or out in addition to the standard up and down that most office chairs offer, accommodating the type of game you’re playing so that you’re not working around your chair.

Ergonomic – Consideration of ergonomics is pretty much a given with gaming chairs, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal; there are options for different heights, shapes, and ages.

Adjustable Cushions – This might seem like a small detail, but getting a gaming chair with adjustable cushions could be the thing that lets you stay comfy and with your mind on the game for extended sessions.

Fabrics – This is a big one. Sure, the leather looks cool and might seem more high-end, but it’s not always the right choice. Leather, faux leather, and vinyl are less breathable, which may negatively impact your comfort level in longer sessions, but are easier to clean. Mesh, cotton, and microfiber are more breathable but require more in-depth steps to clean. If you live in a warmer climate or don’t have good A/C or airflow in your gaming room, a more breathable option might be the way to go, whereas if you can pump the A/C in your gaming room, you can probably take advantage of the easy cleaning of a leather chair.


You might be familiar with the different sides of the Great RGB Debate already, and if you are, you likely know what camp you fall into. There’s the all-inside that loves the flashiest, most exuberant RBG setups on the market, and on the other side, there are the RGB haters that view this element of gaming as over-the-top and tacky. Likely even if you’re not in the first camp, there’s an RBG setup that will elevate your gaming experience. It doesn’t need to be seizure-inducingly intense to add to the ambiance of your gaming room – find what you like and tailor your RBG LEDs to your style!

Additional Features

PC Case – Speaking of RBG, let’s talk PC cases. If you’re building your own gaming computer, you’ll need to purchase a case that works with all of your components, but you can also replace the case with a pre-built system as well to reflect your personality and style. Cases vary in size, drive ports, level of RBG, and overall style. Take some time to cruise around and browse for the case you’ll love to look at every day.

Walls – Your rad gaming room experience doesn’t stop with your battle station! Get creative with expressing your love of game culture and decorate your walls with framed prints of your favorite things, put up shelves for your collectibles to show them off and pull the room together, and check out some futuristic wall lighting options.

Floor – Yes, your gaming room decor extends to the floor, too! You want your room to be an immersive and tactile experience, just like your gameplay. Working with the surface that’s already in your room, think about how you can add some contrast to that in the right places. If your room has carpet, pick up a couple of chair mats so you can move around with ease. Don’t worry though, the days of boring clear mats are a thing of the past – there are plenty of cooler options out there at varying price points, like this one on Amazon.

Webcam –  Get your webcam dialed in for the best streaming experience! There are many options depending on how you’ll be using your footage. Take some time to make sure you’re not overspending on features you don’t need.

  • 4K – Currently, 4K is the gold standard in resolution. However, it will only be fully appreciated if you’re planning on recording full screen, so choose wisely based on what you’ll be doing with your webcam.
  • 1080p – This is the current standard for much of the live game streaming that you’ll see. 1080p will give you solid image quality and playback.
  • 720p – This is a thing of the past. If you’re using 720 for personal video only, you’ll be fine, but you’ll likely still benefit from 1080p. If you’re streaming, 1080 is essential.

Headsets – Your headset is another piece of gear that helps to create an immersive game experience, in addition to potentially helping you play better by having clearer audio cues. There is a wide range of headset prices and qualities available, and while there are some overpriced models and some steals, generally, this is an area where you get what you pay for. 

Noise-cancelling technology has come along in leaps and bounds in the past few years and is well worth the extra cost if outside sounds create distractions while you’re gaming. It’s not necessary by any means, but it is a very nice feature!

Gaming Desk – Finally, the desk. The foundation that your masterpiece of a battle station rests upon. This is an area with a lot of versatility to personalize and customize based on your available space and overall preferences. We all know gamers can get pretty excited in terms of material, so something more durable is best. A softwood top will quickly be sporting a few dings once it incurs some wrath, whereas a metal top will hold up better.

If you have a larger space, a rectangular desk might be a good option. In addition to providing a lot of real estates for you to spread out, this style of desk also lends itself to creating a powerful and expansive aesthetic.

If the best space for your desk is in a corner, think about an L-shaped desk. This style still gives you a lot of space and can be beneficial if you’re using multiple monitors because the corner area is perfect for wrapping your screens while still leaving you space on either side.

However you choose to set up your gaming room, it will reflect your personal style, game preferences, and aesthetic; avoid making any design mistakes when planning your new gaming room by following our practical guide. Happy gaming!