What is Git Clone Command

What is git clone Command | What is git clone | What is git clone Commands

Git clone is used to create a local copy of a remote repository. Git is a program that tracks changes to files once installed it can be initialized on a project to create a git repository a git repository is a dog git folder inside a project.

The repository tracks all changes made in some files in your project to build a history over time this means if you delete this dot git folder then you delete your entire project’s history.

Git Clone Command

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Git clone vs git remote

The main difference between git clone and git remote is that git clone is used to create a new local repository and git remote is used in an existing repository. git remote add a new reference to an existing remote repository for tracking further changes.

but if we do git clone we just create a new local repository and you can start working on it. because the local repository will be a copy of the remote repository.

What is Git Version Control

Git version control helps us in managing changes to source code over time by a software team. It keeps track of all the changes in a special kind of database. if we make a mistake we can go back in time and see previous changes to fit the mistake. Git version control helps the team in collaboration with developing software and work efficiently.

How to Create a GitHub Repository

First, you create a free git hub account then log in with your username and password I have already a git hub account.

Now click your profile button and next click Your repositories ( Profile ==> Your repositories )

click the New button

and here type your repository name and repository description and check the Initialize this repository and Create repository

Uploading files Git hub repository

our new repository is successfully created click the upload Files button

and choose your files to upload and write your commit changes and click the commit changes button

our Files are uploaded successfully you can download through a zip file

copy your clone HTTPS URL

Download With git clone Command

and open a terminal go to your download directory and run the git clone command and your HTTPS URL after see the done output change your directory with cd Command and your directory name.

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