speed control without router admin and Block User

How to control router speed control without router admin password and block any user toll evillimiter

router speed control without router admin and block any user using git hub tool evillimiter

Now Our First Step is Download the tool evillimiter bandwidth controller from Github link

git cloning the tool from git hub after git clone the changing the director evillimiter

Run the install setup python tool with python3

After installing the tool now run the tool evillimiter

Scan command to scan our all host connect to router and hosts command to see all connected user

checking Ip address our another host machine

check speed without speed limit another PC we see the limit is over 90 uploading and download 85 Mbps

Now set the limit our host’s machine limit command using a parameter limit ( 3 our host id ) and size of limit

After setting the limit we see our host speed is down

After set limit our user we see the user not used speed over 2MB

The free command to free our user

Blocking any user now runs the block command and our host ID and we see our host is blocked now check the host is blocked hosts command

I open the google we see the internet error this site can’t be reached

Again free command to unblock our host and hosts command to see our host is unblock

checkra1n install Kali Linux and Icloud unlock read
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