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What is rbash

What is a rbash shell? A restricted bash shell is another shell that is block many commands and special character common rbash shell restricted commands ls, cd, echo, and environment variable $SHELL, $USER, $PATH, $ENV special character block rbash shell-like / >, >|, <>, >&, &>, etc.

Why rbash shell implement

  • Block Unwanted Software run
  • Improve system security
  • dangerous command block
  • For CTF Challenges
  • For Guest Users
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rbash escape

How to escape rbash shell there are multi-ways to escape rbash shell using different -2 editor and python, debugger let’s try some example.

rbash escape through SSH

Our First Method is Escaping the rbash shell through ssh many ctf playing times we have ssh username and password but our shell is restricted with rbash. we can easily bypass this rbash shell using extra argument bash noprofile

we can bypass the rbash shell using the no-profile extra parameter

rbash escape through editors

Linux has many editors we can bypass the rbash using these editor commands

bypass rbash using vi editor

First, we open the vi editor then we used: set option and we create a shell name variable and in this variable, we set our bash environment location. run the command one by one

run the vi command and our vi editor is open using the set mode we can bypass the restricted rbash shell

escaping rbash – ed editor

ed is another Linux editor simple we can run ed edit mode without selecting any file then we type bash path

escape rbash through reverse shell

We can bypass the rbash shell through different Linux reverse shell Note: before executing the reverse shell we need to start a net-cat listener.

rbash shell bypass – php

we open two ssh connections our cd command is currently not working before execute the reverse shell command firstly we start our netcat listener. in this case, we are using the same machine you can use your localhost IP for reverse connection

After executing the reverse shell command we got the reverse connection target machine. and we successfully bypass the restricted rbash shell.

rbash shell bypass – python

this is another way to bypass the rbash shell using python reverse shell remember before executing the reverse shell command you need to start your netcat listener.

rbash shell bypass – netcat

escaping through code editor

rbash escape with python

If the target system already installed any python version we run these commands for bypassing the rbash shell

and again we escape the rbash shell using python command executing -c argument.

rbash escape Awk

rbash escape perl

rbash bypass through binary file

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